Utah's Economic and Demographic Trends Affecting Legislative Decision-Making

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  2. How We Got To Where We Are:

  3. State of Utah Total Population

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  6. Utah Components of Population Change

  7. Total Fertility Rates

  8. Selected Age Groups as a Percent of Total Population

  9. Minority Population: Utah and the U.S.

  10. The Utah Economy: A Decade of Strong Growth, But What About The Future?

  11. Utah Nonagricultural Employment

  12. Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rates

  13. Utah Per Capita Income as a Percent of U.S.

  14. Median Household Income as a Percent of U.S.

  15. Percent of Persons in Poverty

  16. Utah Gross State Product

  17. Net Utah Farm Income

  18. Value of New Construction

  19. Utah Tourism Spending, 1981 - 2003

  20. Federal Defense-Related Spending in Utah, 1986 - 2002

  21. How Has Public Education Funding Fared in the Past?

  22. Utah Public Education

  23. Actual and Projected School Age and Working Age Populations: 1980 to 2030

  24. Number of School Age Children Per 100 Working Age Adults: Actual and Projected

  25. Actual and Projected Nonagricultural Payroll Employment Growth

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