Utah State Government - A Citizen's Guide

The Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel is proud to announce the publication of Utah State Government - A Citizen's Guide. This book explains in an easy-to-read manner how state government works and what powers and responsibilities are vested in state agencies. It provides important historical, economic, demographic, and population data, including tables that show major trends that make Utah what it is today and future projections.

From the state's tax structure to many departments in state government, from federalism to Utah Supreme Court, active citizens and elected officials have critical and understandable reference material at their fingertips. This informative publication provides a greater understanding of our state and is an excellent resource for teachers and students in secondary schools and higher education.

Why read this book? In this easy-to-read guide to state government you will find answers o these questions:

What process does the legislature follow in enacting new law? (Read Chapter 6, The Legislative Branch, How a Bill Becomes a Law)
How can citizens enact new state law through an initiative? (Read Chapter 4, Citizen Participation and Elections, Initiative and Referendum)
How do Utah's taxes compare to taxes in other states? (Read Chapter 8, Fiscal Management, Tax Comparison)
How does Utah's unique demographics affect public education? (Read Chapter 12, Public Education, Utah's Unique Demographics)
Is Utah safer than other states when it comes to crime? (Read Chapter 18, Public Safety, Criminal Law, and Corrections, Crime Rates: In Utah, the Mountain States, and the Nation)
What are the projected changes in Utah's demographics in the next decade? (Read Chapter 23, Utah and the Future)

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