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From: Network of Care
To: Rep. Barlow, S.,
Subject: Prisoner Reentry: A new, creative and successful approach – the Network of Care
Date: 2016-02-29T17:39:03Z

At the recent NACo Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., prisoner reentry ended up being one of the most important topics discussed. All over the country, we are trying to find meaningful solutions that lower the recidivism rate and help the people coming back to lead productive lives.
There are examples of approaches that do work. In Pennsylvania, a unique program has been launched and is quietly spreading throughout the country. Here is a short YouTube demo of the Network of Care for Prisoner Reentry.

The Network of Care makes it easier to engage a formerly incarcerated person with the treatment community locally, when there is an underlying issue of mental illness or addiction. It also provides clear information and assistance with jobs; assessment; recovery; support, and a wide variety of other critical resources. Additionally, for probation and parole officers, the Network of Care has an optional component that utilizes biometric technology to ensure compliance and effective, timely reporting.

The Network of Care for Prisoner Reentry is in partnership with both the National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors and the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors. It is an outgrowth of the highly successful Network of Care for Behavioral Health, which is now in 343 counties in 18 states. It can be easily replicated and customized to any jurisdiction in the country.
If you have any questions or would like a more in-depth demonstration of how the Network of Care for Prisoner Reentry works, please contact me at Bruce@trilogyir.com or (415) 458-5900.

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