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To: Rep. Barlow, S.,
Subject: States strive to eliminate costly construction delays
Date: 2016-02-24T16:01:17Z

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TOP NEWS Feb. 24, 2016
States are using financial incentives, heightened public scrutiny and “design-build” strategies to make sure major transportation projects will come in on time and on budget.
Indianapolis Star
Lawmakers are focusing on a series of solutions aimed at strengthening teacher background checks and cracking down on the ability of bad actors to move unnoticed to a new school.
The Des Moines Register
Iowa high schools would be required to provide age-appropriate instruction on teenage dating violence under a bill approved 50-0 Tuesday by the Iowa Senate. NCSL data cited.
Sioux Falls Argus Leader
Lawmakers in the House on a 47-21 vote approved Gov. Dennis Daugaard's plan to increase the state's sales tax by half a cent to boost south Dakota's lowest-in-the-nation teacher pay.
Rhode Island is likely the first U.S. state to toll truckers and use the money to fix its bridges, which are in the worst shape of any state.
Kaiser Health News
About 500,000 women give birth each year in rural hospitals, yet access to labor and delivery units has been declining.


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