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To: Rep. Barlow, S.,
Subject: Are states obligated to provide expensive hepatitis C drugs?
Date: 2016-02-09T15:38:05Z

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TOP NEWS Feb. 9, 2016
A handful of federal lawsuits against states that have denied highly effective but costly hepatitis C drugs to Medicaid patients and prisoners could cost states hundreds of millions of dollars.
Associated Press
More than a dozen states have strengthened laws over the past two years to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers, a rare area of consensus in the nation's highly polarized debate over guns.
Omaha World Herald
Debate within the Legislature turned emotional at times, as opponents argued that the bill would hurt small, independent farmers, and proponents said it would open the door for new opportunities.
If a law to increase speed limits on rural freeways in Michigan passes the state, will have the highest speed limits in the Great Lakes region and tie South Dakota for the highest speed limits in the Midwest.
Even supporters of compulsory voting don’t think it’s going to happen in the U.S. The very idea of forcing people to vote seems, well, anti-democratic. What’s more, it’s a partisan issue.
The Denver Post
These fees — sometimes called " jock taxes" — exist in most states that have professional sports and a state income tax specific to athletes.


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