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From: Allan
To: Rep. Briscoe, J.,
Subject: You Caved Into the Governor and Elites
Date: 2020-06-29T19:01:55Z
Attachments: allan.vcf , Body:

 You need to stop destroying peoples lives by allowing the governor to impose these draconian Covid-19 restrictions. If you had fought to treat this as a normal flu and let it run it's course, we would have been out of the woods in 2 months or less. Instead you've allowed talking heads to lock up people in their homes, shut down their businesses and destroyed their religious liberties with the stroke of an unconstitutional governor's pen!!!! You have destroyed lives by listening to evil men and women in high places who don't give a tinker's dam for America and are rejoicing in it's demise. Coupled with your over reaction to Covid-19 and your cowardliness in allowing BLM protesters to destroy property and lives, you are one of many hinge pins in America's demise into socialism!

I had hope to see real men and women square their shoulders and tell the governor, the insiders and the media who are hell bent on destroying America to take a hike and leave Utah alone. But alas, you have caved into lies!!

Allan Hales
Salem UT

PS: If you are one of the few in the Utah Legislature who has opposed the unconstitutional destruction of our religious liberties, then I thank you and applaud your service!!