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From: Allan
To: Rep. Briscoe, J.,
Subject: Asleep at the Helm
Date: 2020-06-05T14:44:57Z
Attachments: allan.vcf , Body:
Hi Joel

    I need to vent about the current state of affairs in our state and nation.

1.    It is not a pandemic, it is a plandemic and every excuse is being used to rob us of our freedoms, from some viral infection that can be cured with
Hydroxychloroquine and zinc to Antifa riots that are organized by none other that George Sores. The killing of George Floyd was wrong, but he was a criminal who resisted arrest.
2.    We never and I mean never surrender our freedoms for any crisis that comes along. We Americans should live our life by principal, not government mandated expediency.
3.    You and your cohorts in the state and federal legislatures and abdicated your law making obligation to un-elected agencies, committees, bureaucrats, and others who make "rules" that destroy our freedoms--and we have no recourse because these megalomaniacs are not accountable to the people--in many cases they have their own courts of rules that deprive citizens of a trail by jury.
4.    Our elected officials have checked out and are now allowing mobs, SJW's, major media, Hollywood, foreign countries and billion elites to run this country. It's time that our elected officials whose first responsibility is to the US Constitution and to stand up and "end the influence" of un-elected left and protect the peaceful god fearing right who are pleading with God and those who are supposed to protect them--to do their job and protect them.
5.    Abolish the agencies on state and federal level that wield any authority to punish citizens by removing or restraining them in their god given rights. Example: the county and state health agency have no constitutional authority to lock me up in my home or jail!!!!
6.    But alas, I'm afraid that the vast majority of our elected officials have fallen asleep at the helm, have no idea of how a true limited republic should be run and have caved into the demands of the wicked!!

Allan Hales

PS: If you don't fit into this description, then accept my apology.