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From: Jim Catlin
To: Rep. Briscoe, J.,
Subject: Covid 19, things government can do better?
Date: 2020-05-26T16:14:43Z
Dear Representative Briscoe,

I am always pleased when I see your actions.  Thank you for your thoughtful editorial this morning in the Salt Lake Tribune.  Your bullet points started with one that I agree is perhaps the most important, testing and tracing.   Here are some of my thoughts that support this conclusion.

An excellent website (Covid exit strategy.org) compares the response to covid 19 by different states,  It uses the CDC recommended guidance to then see which states are doing well and which may have problems.   In this pandemic, problems can well need unnecessary deaths.

 It is important to note that Utah is red, "trending poorly" and then see the reasons why. The trend for new cases is trending up.  Testing is shown as less than recommended.    

Testing and contact tracing are two areas where government can take control and make a difference at this stage.   Where our efforts are deficient, this is an area where we can change what we do.  

I have no information on the statistics on tracing contacts of new cases.   What percent of those contacted a new case are identified and reached?  Is there room for improvement?  It would be good to know.

Prior to us having a vaccine,  testing and tracing are our most important activities that government can directly control and promote.

Please let me know what you find about this.

Thank you for your service.


Jim Catlin

P.S.   The state covid statistics site reports some excellent information but, however, has failed to report the two week trend for new covid 19 cases.   As you know, this is one of the key CDC metrics and Utah along with many others have chosen to ignore.
Except for a few days in late March, we have seen a positive slope on the trend line for new cases in Utah.   This means that we are seeing more and more cases each day as time goes on.  

I don't have data for individual counties.  If I had it I could see which areas of the state have good and bad trend lines.   The state said that they can not get these data to me.  

Here is the trend for our new cases in Utah.