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From: Merrilee Boyack
To: Rep. Briscoe, J.,
Subject: Support Fetal Remains Bill - REJECT hostile Substiution
Date: 2020-02-26T04:04:36Z

Dear Representative,

We urge you to REJECT Rep. Ward’s hostile substitute for SB67 Fetal Remains Bill.  This has been moving along with great support but now this is an effort to derail its passage.

 The remains of babies is NOT trash.  It is NOT medical waste.  They are HUMAN remains and deserve the same dignity we afford all human remains.

 I’ll never forget losing a baby at 15 weeks and being told there was nothing I could do about my little one’s body – that it was medical waste and would be “disposed of.”  I had to grieve the loss of my baby AND grieve that he was thrown out in the garbage without human dignity.

 Please do the right thing and REJECT this hostile substitute and affirm SB67 as it stands.

 Thank you for standing up for human dignity that is a sign of a civilized society.


 Merrilee Boyack

Executive Director
Family Watch International

(801) 558-4656 cell
(858) 748-6703 work