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From: Vagn Jensen
To: Rep. Briscoe, J.,
Subject: Please reject HB316
Date: 2016-02-11T16:51:27Z

Dear House Member of the Business and Labor Committee, I urge you to vote against HB316. This bill hampers Utah’s ability to address what is predicted to become the leading cause of Utah’s poor air quality: our homes and buildings.  HB316 does not go nearly far enough in updating and modernizing Utah’s building codes. This is critical in terms of reducing air pollution from homes built in the future. In addition, we know that more energy efficient homes pay off in the long run with much cheaper utility bills.  Currently Utah is required to update its building codes every three years. HB316 extends that to six years. The construction products industry is just like most industries today, with continual technological upgrades that improve the performance of a home. It is perfectly reasonable to maintain the three year code update requirement, both for the home buyer and our air quality.  This bill also prevents the Division of Air Quality from proposing new rules that will improve our air quality applicable to the construction industry. Utah has the worst air in the nation this week and likely next week, reminding us that this part of the bill is a really bad idea. Let’s not interfere with the experts at the Division of Air Quality. To do otherwise is bad policy. HB316 should be rejected. Our health and the future homeowners of Utah deserve better. Thank you! Sincerely, Vagn Jensen 4772 Meadow View Road Murray, UT 84107