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From: Robert Beebe Construction
To: Rep. Briscoe, J.,
Subject: FW: SB112
Date: 2014-03-13T02:44:26Z

Why even consider a bill to create a crime when there is no historical evidence that cock fighting has ever been a problem for law enforcement?  Because the animal rights groups are putting pressure on that’s why.  The Humane Society supports domestic terrorism by promoting violence against people who have animals.  Their agenda is to take away all rights of citizens to care for their own animals.  Their speeches about cock fighting have no basis in fact.  There are no drugs, prostitutes, or underage drinking at the fights.  The people there are doing it for sport, if you don’t behave yourself you are not invited next time.  The violent ones are the animal rights groups.


Are you seriously considering using the broad wording in this bill to create a felony?  Where will it end?  More and more rights will be taken away if they get away with this one.  Property will be stolen from law abiding citizens and protection under the law will be lost. Lives will be ruined over a chicken. Where has our perspective gone?  Birds that could have lived into their teens, and currently live the best life a chicken can have, will be slaughtered if the HSUS comes to a chicken farm.  Game fowl are very well cared for, the birds live according to their nature and are given large pens to live in. It’s far more humane than commercial chicken farms.


The HSUS will go after pigeon racing, horse sports, and rodeo next.  Their arguments have nothing to do with reality and their most vocal members are city people who don’t have a clue how animals really want to live.  Or they are citizens who actually believe the goal of the HSUS is to help animals, when it is clear their goal is to raise money for their administration and lobbyists.  They don’t contribute to local shelters or animal welfare.  They do a very good job at spreading lies.  


Please don’t listen to their lies.  Find out the facts for yourself and don’t create a felony on this bill or any bill that steals the rights of citizens especially one with such broad wording.


Ruth Beebe

Robert Beebe Construction LLC