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From: ADeckman@williams-int.com
To: Rep. Briscoe, J.,
Subject: Please don't take my dream house SB249 EMINENT DOMAIN, PLEASE VOTE NO
Date: 2014-03-11T19:06:32Z

I am writing to request that you vote against SB 249.  This bill goes against the very nature of private property rights.  A trail through Ogden Canyon would simply be an extension of the existing Ogden River Parkway.  It is a gross over-reach to call such a trail an "alternative transportation route".  In addition, I believe many distance riders will continue to use the canyon roadway, while some recreational riders may opt to use the trail. This bill wrongly enables government officials to employ eminent domain to lengthen a walking and biking path at the expense of private property rights. Trails are a popular recreational amenity and bring tourism dollars into the area, but they certainly do not rise to the exigent circumstances that should be required to employ eminent domain. 

Please vote no on SB 249.

Thank you for your time and your service in the State Legislature.



Andrew Deckman

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