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From: Noel Thornley
To: Sen. McCay, D.,
Subject: Caucus discussion...
Date: 2014-01-05T01:47:23Z

Daniel McCay-


My name is Noel Thornley and I’m a State Delegate from Bluffdale. I wanted to keep you informed on my feelings about the plan of some to dissolve the caucus system here in Utah.


We need to keep the caucus system. It is a representative form of government. The “get out the vote” culture is moving towards the Fast Food Convenience model that is similar to texting in a vote for your favorite celebrity.


Celebrity politicians like Orrin Hatch and Harry Reid would then be even more empowered to overwhelm any challengers by voters swayed with uber-funded media campaigns favor power-plays.


The caucus and electoral college system was designed specifically to protect us from mob rule. Democracy by popular vote can evolve easily into mob rule.


We need to move back toward the center of informed voting. We should not discourage people from voting but we should not make it so convenient that unethical politicians can use unethical popularity campaigns to grasp and retain power.


I’ve talked to many of my neighbors and they feel the same as I do. What are your thoughts?


Kind regards-


Noel Thornley

State Delegate

2796 West 14400 South

Bluffdale, Utah 84065