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From: Nathanael Mallow
To: Sen. McCay, D.,
Subject: Can you help with change in consciousness
Date: 2013-11-26T04:37:15Z

Before I get into what I would like to speak about Jon Cox you are missing your photo @ http://le.utah.gov/house2/detail.jsp?i=COXJ

I am contacting you today to discuss some simple logic based on the laws of cause and effect. When you want to remove a weed from the ground you need to get at it's roots. All the good you want to achieve or have achieved for the common-wealth has been for naught. What I mean by this is that you haven't got at the roots.

Overpopulation is the facilitator in the erosion of what you have, want and will achieve while in office. Think about it; think of any of the pressing problem you have in your district. Now, look at those problems through the lenses of overpopulation.

Humans will continue to be plagued by unemployment, famines, energy shortages, epidemics, environmental pollution, degeneration, terrorism, dictatorship, anarchism, slavery, excessive increase of waste materials, racial hatred, food shortages, destruction of rain forests, the "greenhouse effect", pollution of lakes, streams and oceans, hatred towards asylum-seekers; radioactive emissions, chemical pollution of water, air, plants, food, human beings and animals. Crime, murder, mass murders, manslaughter; alcoholism, hatred of strangers, oppression, hatred of one's fellowman, extremism, sectarianism, drug addiction, overpopulation, annihilation of animal species, war, violence, torture and capital punishment, general mismanagement, water contamination, eradication of plant species; hatred, vice, jealousy, lovelessness, lack of logic, false humanitarianism, lack of housing, increased traffic, destruction of arable land, unemployment, the collapse of health care, the collapse of care for the elderly, destruction of nature, the collapse of solid waste removal, and the lack of living space, among others. All of this becomes a problem. while on a small scale can be tackled by those with the will to do so. However on a big scale even those with the strongest will, would inevitably be swallowed.

So there are several coming solutions to overpopulation. I will only share the one that I think will be the most peaceful. Since times immemorial, the truth, along with true love, charity and humanitarianism, has invariably sounded harsh, because each one forces the human being to think and act in a logical manner. The same holds true also for the resolution of terrestrial humankind's problems. Only through population reduction, by way of the strictest birth control measures, can there be a remedy for all existing major ills. Inhumane aid must not be given to people. It is not humane to give charity without logical ethical demands such as the recent terrible disaster from the hurricane in the Philippines those deaths could have been avoided if they were not so densely populated. I not saying that instant aid should not have been given but certainly continued aid. For when America's problems become so great that she can no-longer help her neighbors and the Philippines or some place like gets hit with another calamity. The truth of our false humaneness will be felt, mass death through starvation, cannibalize, disease, etc.

So create and facilitate education systems, media and the like to spread the word, when humans see the alternative they will choose a peaceful path and transition into a secession of births which will be overtaken in number to those passing on through attrition. This isn't a quick fix but the path to peace is a solid and slow moving.

The only question now is what will you do?