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From: Jim Dabakis
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Newt, Bears Ears, Hilarious Kimel, DABC Privatization
Date: 2016-07-05T16:21:38Z

Hilarious Kimel, DABC Privatization, Toes Will Tap...

Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel, 'Lie Witness' Accounts of Hillary
Hillary did what?!
Read Latest Injustice From an Insensitive DABC! 
Time to Privatize DABC! Perhaps A Ballot Initiative? The process is so arbitary. So many small Utah companies live in perpetual fear! Here is another notch on a long list of DABC hatchit jobs. Since the state legislature is simply not going to end the 'soviet styled' state monopoly. Maybe it's time for a ballot initiative--74% of Utahns want change! From a liberal Democrat, who actually believes in the market, I refuse to tinker with the machinery of the absurd alcohol distribution system in Utah anymore. It is time to PRIVATIZE. Period.More upcoming....
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Corporate Welfare: $22 Million for Multi-billion $$ Miller Group? Deseret News Asks the Right Questions!
"In our opinion public financial support for Vivint Arena raises legitimate questions" - Deseret News
I ask, 'Should we require large corporations that receive Utah taxpayer public assistance get financial counseling and drug testing like we require of single mom’s making minimum wage and getting food stamps?'
Read the Op-ed here

Click and Your Toes Will Tap In Delight!

Love This President!
Watch as the Canadian Parliament spontaneously erupts into a "Four More Years" chant after President Obama speaks. Did't see a lot of that with Bush.

Look Who is on Top of Trump VP List

Dear GOP Christian right, please stop your lectures about the sanctity of marriage. With Newt on top of Trump's VP list, that  would give the 'Family Values' Party ticket 6 wives and countless mistresses. ‪Just sayin.’
Check out the full VP list here
Utah is the Real Obstructionist in Bears Ears Protection
Meet 23-year old Jonathan Bailey from Ferron, Utah. Jonathan has spent the last two years, day after day, in the hot, dry sometimes drenched wild desert landscape. With his cameras. Hiking, camping and documenting. Read his majestic words about Bears Ears.
Read his Op-ed here
Candidate Spotlight This Week: Heidi Redd Senate 27  Monticello, UT
Heidi Redd is a special person. She knows and understands life in Southern Utah. Heidi and her husband purchased the Indian Creek Cattle Company in 1965--and  since 1987, Heidi has been the sole owner and manager for the 5,200 acre spread. It is one of Utah’s oldest cattle outfits. Now, this down-to-earth woman is running for the Utah State Senate. Utah needs Heidi Redd! 
Learn more about Heidi
Exploring Ghost Towns: Great Summer Utah Fun
It can be a one-day outing or a 7-day adventure discovering Utah’s history!
Check out the best sites to visit here
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