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From: Larry Burton, CVS Health, SVP Government Affairs
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: A New Insights Report: Why is Medication Adherence so Hard?
Date: 2014-10-08T18:26:13Z

The CVS Health Research Institute recently released a report entitled, “Adherence: why it’s so hard and what we can do about it,” that reviews the company’s key research findings to date and lays out its goal to increase medication adherence by five to 15 percent through new interventions by 2017.

The Insights Report describes complex adherence challenges and actions that can make adherence easier – thereby helping to improve patient outcomes and lower overall costs.

In each section, the report summarizes relevant research and highlights programs and initiatives designed to address the identified issues. The four areas include:
• Adherence starts when the Rx is written
• Pharmacist counseling and support can make a difference
• The hard work of adherence takes place at home
• The role pharmacy benefit plan designs play in supporting adherence

To view the Insights report, please visit the following link: cvshealth.com/insights

The CVS Health Research Institute is focused on contributing to the body of scientific knowledge related to pharmacy and health care through research collaborations with external academic institutions, participation in federally-funded research, analysis and sharing of CVS Health data sources and coordination of pilot programs and initiatives. In addition, the CVS Health Research Institute is actively piloting and testing a number of interventions to help make it easier for our patients to be more adherent.

The efforts of the CVS Health Research Institute represent just some of the many ways that CVS Health is at the forefront of our evolving health care system. With 7,700 retail pharmacies, 900 walk-in medical clinics, a leading pharmacy benefits manager with nearly 65 million plan members, and expanding specialty pharmacy services, CVS Health’s unique integrated model increases access to quality care, delivers better health outcomes and lowers overall health care costs. More information about how CVS Health is shaping the future of health is available at www.cvshealth.com.

Please consider CVS Health as a resource in your ongoing health policy work, and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or would like further information.

Larry Burton
SVP, Government Affairs
CVS Health

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