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From: Kerry
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Re: Rule of law
Date: 2014-06-07T02:07:10Z
Historical is not always in one persons control. Even after proof of the FMCSA rules and my compliance the temporary orders have not been changed. I see no standard in this law! It gives the commissioner complete power to destroy a persons life. This is tyranny! It is also the same mentality that give assault weapons and vehicles to the BLM! Alimony should never be granted!
Sent from my iPhone > On Jun 6, 2014, at 4:46 PM, Michael Mckell wrote: > > Kerry, > > Thank you for sharing your concerns with me. It seems like you have judge > you don't agree with. That is exactly why we grant temporary orders so we > have time to adjust and get is right. What do you think should be changed > in the law? Is there a better standard than historical earnings? I have > seen one spouse or the other reduce earnings as they go through a divorce > in an effort to reduce child support and alimony. Is there a better way > to do it without allowing fraud. I look forward to your suggestions. > > Mike McKell > > > -- > Representative Michael K. McKell > Utah State Legislature > House of Representatives > House District 66 > 642 Kirby Lane, Suite 105 > Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 > (801) 210-1495 cell > mmckell@le.utah.gov > > > > > > >> On 6/5/14 12:13 PM, "Kerry" wrote: >> >> >> To whom it may concern: >> >> I would love for you to explain to me how Utah's law on child support and >> temporary support or alimony lay out any kind of "rule of law" or >> guideline to be followed. As I read it the first part states should be >> based on a normal work week. It then foes on to give "absolute" power to >> the commissioner or judge to base it on historical earnings or overtime >> if they decide it will continue. They can be presented with FMCSA >> regulations that show this cannot be achieved and still award a >> ridiculous amount and "stack the deck" in favor of the woman for the >> custody battle and even force people into bankruptcy. ORS is given the >> power and apparently the obligation to withhold income without "due >> process". >> >> I did manage to get a hearing to amend these "temporary orders" that have >> me on the edge of homelessness. This was a waste of time as commissioner >> Conklin was unwilling to admit her mistake and correct it. >> >> I am curious if you can give me any reason to even bother voting ever >> again? Or even pay future taxes to this corrupt system we have now. >> >> Regards, >> >> Kerry Roche >> >> Sent from my iPad >