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From: Janet Ollman Blackmer
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Support of HB 207
Date: 2014-02-13T18:28:47Z
I am in support of HB 207 for the following reasons:

I have been a state- and nationally-licensed massage therapist since 1997 and also hold  certifications in Reflexology and Foot Zoning therapy.  As such, I believe I am in a unique position to evaluate the qualifications necessary for each of these modailities.

The therapeutic practice of massage requires an extensive knowledge of the body; anatomy, physiology, and structure.  Massage therapists manipulate the tissues of the entire body and learn how to safely handle the various parts of the body, such as appropriate range of motion.  Foot zoning therapy, by contrast, manipulates only the tissues of the foot, physically.  Although it is a valuable therapy, itself, it doesn't require the same level of education required of the massage therapist. 

Both therapies are  beneficial, but I have long believed that the training I received as a massage therapist was far in excess of what would be required to safely and effectively practice foot zoning or reflexology.  The programs for those modalities include the necessary elements to understand the workings of the body (such as limited anatomy and physiology), but not in such great detail as is required for a massage therapy license.

Massage school is a big commitment, both in time and money.  Most of what is learned in massage school is never used in foot zoning or reflexology.  I truly believe that foot zoners and reflexologists can and do achieve excellent therapeutic results without having the extensive training such as I received at massage college.

I hope you, too, will support the passage of this bill.  It is long overdue.

Janet Ollman Blackmer
Licensed Massage and Foot Zone Therapist