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From: Thomas McKenna
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: HB0306 Licensure Modifications
Date: 2014-02-06T17:58:23Z
Dear Representatives of the House Business and Labor Committee-

I am sending this e-mail in response to HB0306 Licensure Modifications for Landscape Architects that you are planned to consider in this legislative session.  

First of all, I am deeply concerned that this bill is even being considered. These proposed modifications (removing the requirement for an applicant to have a bachelor's or master's degree; or have completed supervised practical experience) devalue the profession of Landscape Architecture and jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of society.  

The scope of work that a Landscape Architect provides is broad and it directly affects the health, safety and welfare of society.  This scope includes numerous aspects of urban planning, site development and construction including:
  • planning and designing communities and developments to avoid geologic hazards, flood hazards, unstable slopes and soils, 
  • conserving critical natural, cultural, and historical resources, and 
  • conserving energy, water, and building materials.  
Earning an accredited degree or several years of experience under a licensed professional included with passing the licensure exam are the essential prerequisites needed to prepare individuals to act in the interest of the health, safety, and welfare of the public as a landscape architect.

Removing the requirements of earning a degree or supervised experience would be like allowing a person to become an architect or an engineer by only having to sit for and pass their respective licensing exam.

Please vote this bill down in committee.

Thomas McKenna, PLA, CLIA
7502 Park Maple Drive
West Jordan, Utah  84081

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