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From: erinfuller37@yahoo.com
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: transgender
Date: 2014-02-01T19:21:51Z
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Hello honorable representative  I am witting this letter on behalf of ALL transgender citizens of your state please allow me to correct a great many mis conceptions about what it is like for Trans people. Despite what you may know being transgender is not a choice transgender people are born with what amounts to be a non visual very verifiable birth abnormality the American medical association as well as the American psychiatric association and the world health organization have recognized that being transgender is NOT a sexual orientation it is not a mental defect or a physical handicap.These health organizations have recommended specific health guide lines for the care and treatment of transsexual individuals. These organizations recognize that gender and anatomical birth sex can be difficult to determine these health organizations have stated that one can be born with the birth sex of a male but have a female gender identity conversely an individual can be born female birth sex but posses the gender identity of a male. The reason for this is still being studied but indications are that at the time of conception error's took place critical errors involving the presence or absence of hormones at specific times of development. Being Transsexual/transgender is a natural occurrence that occurs do to internal and external stress's put on both the developing fetus as well as the mother compounds known as endocrine disrupters are a likely cause these disrupters are found in internal as well as external sources and can be numerous from plastic house hold items to the water or air that the expectant mother is exposed to. What I am asking in this letter is that to try to understand talk to the medical community before judgement is passed. Transgender/transsexual people  have a right to live as they are they deserve dignity and respect not ignorance and intolerance. Yours truly Erin Fuller