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From: Brogan Fullmer
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: We Support Cleaner Air
Date: 2014-02-01T03:00:24Z

Good Evening,


I am writing to show my support for cleaner air regulations in the great state of Utah. As a life-long resident, I am proud to call Utah home; but more and more, I find myself making excuses when friends, family, and even clients come to visit each winter. I am an outdoor enthusiast, and avid hike, camper, hunter, boater, and ESPECIALLY A VOTER. I am a registered Republican, Party Precinct Chairman, County Delegate, and intend to participate in the state party convention this coming year. Cleaner air policies will be a significant factor in obtaining my endorsement for candidates going forward. It is time for Utah to protect its greatest economic engine, our beautiful environment.


As a delegate, I demand the state legislature adopt aggressive policies to combat the pollution plaguing our air and our economic viability. I ask you to support:


-Stronger regulations against industrial polluters

-Economic incentives and tax breaks for electric and hybrid vehicles purchased in Utah

-Expansion of public transportation

-Reform of Utah’s gasoline taxes

-Tax breaks and for green roof projects

-Mandatory synchronization of traffic lights and traffic patterns


It is time for Utah to adopt common-sense policies to protect our recreation economy, our beautiful outdoor cash-crop, and especially our families and our children.


Please support stronger clean air initiatives.






Brogan L. Fullmer

Delegate, Republican Party

Party Precinct Chairman