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From: Ronald Mortensen
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Posting of Utah Voter List - 1.5 million names on the Internet - searchable and downloadable
Date: 2014-01-22T23:34:00Z
As you probably know, the personal identifying information of all 1.5 million Utah voters, with certain notable exceptions, is now on the internet in a searchable and downloadable format.  Below are links to a series of articles that I have written on the posting of the list.  I will publish another article in the next day or so listing those who contributed to this release.  

You can check your and your family's and neighbors' info by going to utvoters.com.  Mine is not there because I cancelled my voter registration several years ago in order to prevent my info from being posted for the world to access.

Original article - Widely read and commented.


Utah Governor Herbert sells voters’ personal information after removing his own

January 4, 2014


Key points:

The Herbert administration has presided over multiple releases of personal information since 2010.  The Herbert administration, with the full support of the Utah state senate, sells the records of all 1.5 million Utah registered voters after deleting...Continue

Most Recent Article


Utah voters’ personal information posted to internet: Who fought to prevent it?


January 21, 2014


Key Points:

Representatives Rebecca Edwards, Richard Greenwood, and Brian Greene have fought to protect voters' personal identifying information.    House Speaker Rebecca Lockhart has allowed their bills to go forward and voted for one of Edward’s two....Continue

Edwards' Bill:


Edwards’ bill gives voters total control over their personal information


January 15, 2014



Representative Rebecca Edwards will sponsor legislation in the upcoming legislative session that prohibits the release of Utah voters’ personal identifying information to anyone for any purpose without the voter’s prior, written authorization.  Her bill comes after the...Continue


Problems with Mayne/Perry Bill:


Utah lawmaker – either make your personal information public or don’t vote


January 11, 2014



Key Points


Politicians who allowed the personal information of 1.5 million Utah voters to be posted to the internet are now proposing legislation that guarantees their continuing access to this information.  A bill proposed by Senator Karen Mayne requires the...Continue