From: Kimberly Call
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Letter to Utah representatives
Date: 2020-12-05T06:41:18Z
Thanks for your updates, Senator Fillmore,
At this moment, nothing else matters except making sure Joe Biden does NOT fill the chair of POTUS. He should be in jail. The election was stolen, and there is ample proof. If Trump doesn’t have success in exposing voting fraud, nothing else matters. We lose the USA. I would like to see leadership from you and others in the Republican party in the state of Utah, and quite frankly, I’m not seeing it. You should be getting allies together and calling attention to this fraud! I have ample proof that people have sent me. There are hundreds of witnesses that have witnessed this fraud and have signed affidavits. It’s not hard to find. Newsmax, Breitbart, FOX news…kind of, One America News, and countless other news sources that have millions of people that follow them. Start with Trump’s own Twitter feeds. Listen to the hearings at the state legislatures where witnesses are testifying. Trump was impeached on an ANONYMOUS source. Hundreds of people have put their reputations and their lives in danger by signing affidavits and coming out in public, not with blobs on their faces, not with a disguise…but IN PERSON to expose the fraud. There are videos, sworn statements, dead people voting, software manipulation, lost and stolen and forged ballots…etc., etc., etc.. You were a great fighter on the tax reform. Let’s see some leadership in getting the state of Utah to get off their duffs and support President Trump!! I will back you up and so will many others. Have you seen the YUGE crowds at Trump rallies in Utah? They’ll back you up, too. You’re not going out on a limb to support President Trump!! You will be supported! He was worked hard for us and if Biden gets in, kiss state rights goodbye, gun rights goodbye, personal freedom, the tax cuts, all the great things that President Trump has done for this nation…which are countless…and the constitution goodbye. Please let me know what you’re going to do. Thanks and Merry Christmas, Janalee Tobias Sent from my iPhone