From: Chase Parker
To: Sen. McKell, M.,
Subject: Born and Raised in Dixie, vote yes to remove Dixie
Date: 2021-01-14T13:22:06Z
Dear Senator,
I was born at Dixie Regional Medical Center, graduated from Dixie High School and have a 4 year degree from Dixie State University. And I think it’s time for "Dixie” to go. I grew up going to football games with a confederate soldier as a mascot. People around me did, and to some extent still do, proudly fly the confederate flag. I’ve heard the arguments that it is part of our heritage. I don’t think that “Dixie” heritage is the heritage I want to hold on to. We can have a proud heritage of pioneers and settlers without “Dixie” and its connotations. I cannot proudly wear my merchandise from my alma mater. I am uncomfortable with Dixie being so prevalent on my resume. I think “Dixie” hurts recruitment and growth for the University. Yes, there is pushback from the old-timers, believe me I know, they are my parents. They’ll get over it, they got over changing the mascot, dropping rebels and will get over this too. Moving forward we can establish a heritage of inclusion. Thank you for your time, Chase Parker