From: Chelsea Wilson
To: Sen. McKell, M.,
Subject: please vote to CHANGE the DIXIE NAME
Date: 2021-01-14T04:00:15Z

Dear Senator, 


The issue of the Dixie name change is extremely important to me and I plead with you to VOTE TO CHANGE the name of Dixie State University.  In 2021 there is no reason any public university should be perceived by anyone (even 1%) as associated with the confederacy and what it stands for in our nation's history.



I myself am a graduate of Dixie High and my own wonderful grandmother is named Dixie! It is a name that we in this community hold dear for our own historical reasons. Even so, I am extremely proud of Dixie’s Board of Directors unanimous decision to change the name of a universitythat in its past, adopted Confederate and slavery imagery as part of its Dixie identity. 


When we know better, we do better. When it comes to anything regarding the system of racism in our country, realizing that we can’t begin to understand every person’s point of view or lived experience is an important step to developing empathy and compassion. We don’t have to understand to believe them and honor them. 


This vote to change the name isn’t “virtue signaling” or caving to the higher ups. This is doing the right thing at the right time to create a more inclusive future, and to ensure the legacy of the University continues. The research was conducted, the impact was made known, and the futures of the students who attend this fine institution was the first priority. 


The widely conducted and not ‘fake’ (!) research by Cicero Group is conclusive. Changing the name is what needs to happen for the benefit of the students (you try explaining “Dixie” University- in Utah- to a future employer) and for the town itself. 


In fact, The best way we can honor the “Dixie Spirit” of this incredible community, our pioneer ancestors, and this esteemed university, is by making this change. In doing so, we are affording more opportunity and growth to students and the school itself. Why would anyone stand in the way of that effort?



Chelsea Wilson