From: Alex Chamberlain
To: Sen. McKell, M.,
Subject: Support for a name change at Dixie State
Date: 2021-01-14T01:47:55Z
Dear Senator,
As a faculty member and department chair at Dixie State University, I want to voice my support for a name change for Dixie State University. Whenever I've traveled outside of our great state to represent the institution, I've found that the name invites skepticism from those with whom I'm trying to build bridges. At the very least, it's a curiosity. At worst, it can be seen as offensive. 
Regardless of our local understanding of the term "Dixie," if an alternate name would serve our students better, we owe it to those students to use our resources to improve the situation. I hope you'll give full consideration to voting "yes" to a name change for Dixie State University. I'm a proud graduate of this institution myself (Associates of Science, 2002), and I'd be proud to see the institution continue to evolve and improve for the benefit of the students and communities it serves. Thank you!

Alex Chamberlain, MFA, Art Department Chair
Associate Professor — Animation & Photography
North Plaza 125C
(435) 879-4228

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