From: Eva Sanchez
To: Sen. McKell, M.,
Subject: DIXIE WILL IMPROVE WITH A NAME CHANGE/ thank you for all you do
Date: 2021-01-12T18:15:19Z
  Hello Senator, 
I have been in Utah for over 25 years and love Dixie State University, but I've been here and seen the identity crisis it has had. The students embraced the trailblazer mascot change and felt an identity, a true connection even when they're coming from out of the area. I do think it would be best to change the name for a school I love so much and which my children will attend one day. Please, don't bend to the whim of those in the community that are afraid of change. If not for change, would the caterpillar ever become the butterfly?
Thank you for your time. 
Eva Sanchez