From: Jesse Spooner
To: Sen. McKell, M.,
Subject: Dixie State Name Change
Date: 2021-01-12T04:40:50Z
I am am alumni of Dixie State University and I implore you all too change the name of the University. I can see why some residents of southern Utah do not see how the name has a racist and negative connotation to it but it does. I’m thankful I was able to receive my education at DSU but I am ashamed of the name. I won’t list it as “Dixie State University” because Dixie has a racist connotation to it and that isn’t something I want reflected on me. I always list it as “DSU” and when asked “Where is it? Why does it have that name?” What information I can offer those future employers doesn’t justify why the name is still around. Each University and Companies are expanding their Diveristy,Equity,and Inclusion programs. How can DSU and Southern Utah claim to be all on board the DEI program but then keep a racist name on a University? So please, change the name of the University. DSU got rid of the confederate rebel statue, DSU changed from the rebels to the red storm to the Bisons. You guys now need to change the name. Thank you for your time, Jesse Spooner DSU Alumni 2016