From: Ray Butler
To: Sen. McKell, M.,
Subject: Change the Name Dixie
Date: 2021-01-12T04:18:10Z
Hello Utah Senators! I hope this email finds you well and you are all healthy and safe! I am Ray Butler from DSU in Utah and I would love to give my input on the name change. Please vote for the name change! When I look at a situation I want to consider and take into account, both sides. And by one side we see that ‘Dixie’ doesn’t mean what we think it means and it represents who the city is in St.George. But i think they should take in account that this isn’t just about them its about the entire community. And when people say they graduate and are worried about the schools name and someone like me who is from Mississippi (very southern red state) it is kind of uncomfortable or rather uneasy to say i go to a school called Dixie. I sometimes feel like I can’t represent the school cause of the name. And me being on the football team, as a student athlete not wanting to rep your school is really embarrassing. Because of what it means world wide not just to them. I also believe in change. Change is good and if we can work collectively and make this happen then we are in the right direction. We can still keep what the community stands for and have everyone be happy by working together and not being stagnant but moving foward to nee and bigger things. Everyone’s thoughts should be considered and I believe if St.George really stands for what it stands for then Dixie can go because you want to embrace the good not the bad. Hold on to your history but don’t live in the past. Vote to change the name!!!
Thank you so much for your valuable time, Ray Butler Sent from my iPhone