From: Mariah Iverson
To: Sen. McKell, M.,
Subject: Dixie's Name Change is Long Overdue
Date: 2021-01-12T03:17:09Z

Dear Senator,

As a family member of both Dixie State University Staff and Dixie State University Students, and a student of the USHE, I am very invested in the name change of the university located in St George. 

Dixie State’s current name prohibits the university from any potential growth as an institution, and also limits its students from pursuing careers in our current political climate. The name Dixie carries many negative connotations that should not be applied to an institution that is so wonderful. The name Dixie reminds people of slavery, the mason-dixon line, and so many years of oppression and suffering. This should not be the story tied to an institution that is on the rise, full of innovation, and is such a bright and happy place for our community. 

We are living in a time where diversity and justice should be celebrated and shouldn’t tear us apart and further divide our country into its red and blue subsections. We should be doing what we can to embrace all people and create an environment where people are proud of their background, their career path, and the university they chose to attend. I know there are arguments for both sides of this name change ordeal, but I believe that this school’s name needs to be changed to lower barriers put on its students, embrace the diversity of the prospective students seeking to attend college, and help the reputation of this beautiful college town. I believe that we could find a name that works for everybody and doesn’t put this same burden on the community members.

Thank you for your brilliant leadership and for listening. I hope you lend your support. 


Mariah Iverson

A hopeful St George Resident