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From: David Nelson
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: ACT: Vote on these bills (February 21)
Date: 2014-02-21T18:20:39Z
Since 1986, I have lobbied members of the Utah Legislature about matters which are important to many Utahns. I have supported and opposed hundreds of bills and resolutions which would have disproportionately affected some in our state and, as a result, have helped shape better public policy.
My lobbying is based on the proposed effect of legislation on: --The weapon rights and liberties of all citizens --The equal rights and liberties of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens At the 2014 general session of the 60th Utah Legislature, I encourage the following actions: SUPPORT H.B. 75S01 -- Restoration of Civil Rights for Nonviolent Felons (Rep. Oda, C.) H.B. 202 -- Weapons Restrictions Amendments (Rep. Redd, E.) H.B. 225 -- Primary Law Enforcement Duties for Sheriffs (Rep. Ray, P.) H.B. 248S01 -- Crime Victims Restitution Act Amendments (Rep. McKell, M.) H.B. 268S01 -- Dangerous Weapons Amendments (Rep. Greene, B.) H.B. 276 -- Disorderly Conduct Amendments (Rep. Ray, P.) H.B. 284 -- Public Employee Health Care Amendments (Rep. Romero, A.) H.B. 295 -- Weapons Law Exemptions (Rep. Greenwood, R.) H.B. 296 -- Concealed Weapon Permit Exemptions Amendments (Rep. Greenwood, R.) H.B. 301 -- Concealed Weapon Permit for Servicemembers (Rep. Peterson, V.) H.B. 359 -- Workplace Discrimination (Rep. Wheatley, M.) H.B. 373 -- Firearm Transfer Certification Amendments (Rep. Wilcox, R.) S.B. 13 -- Theft Amendments (Sen. Thatcher, D.) S.B. 49 -- Parental Permission to Release Student Information (Sen. Valentine, J.) S.B. 100 -- Antidiscrimination Amendments (Sen. Urquhart, S.) OPPOSE H.B. 23 -- Suicide Prevention Revisions (Rep. Eliason, S.) H.B. 78 -- Marriage Defense Fund (Rep. Nelson, M.) H.B. 87 -- Gender Amendments (Rep. Kennedy, M.) H.B. 134 -- Firearm Safety Amendments (Rep. Eliason, S.) H.B. 152 -- Highway Sponsorship Program Act (Rep. Knotwell, J.) H.B. 231 -- Marriage Modifications (Rep. Anderegg, J.) H.B. 329 -- Programs for Youth Protection (Rep. Eliason, S.) H.J.R. 1 -- Joint Resolution on Religious Liberty (Rep. Anderegg, J.) S.B. 220 -- Disorderly Conduct Modifications (Sen. Bramble, C.) Please contact me if you have comments or questions about this message with which I may help you. Thank you for your deliberate consideration and ongoing work to help lead Utah. Respectfully, David Nelson Millcreek, Utah