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From: James Salas
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: HB112
Date: 2014-02-21T03:05:28Z

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I’m writing you today to oppose HB112, specifically the banning of online sales. I’ve heard quite a few comments made as to how electronic cigarettes are being specifically marketed towards children due to the variety of flavors they come in. I want to make a brief statement on this matter. As our bodies grow into adult hood they do not devolve in such a way that our taste buds lose their appeal to flavors like gummy bear, smarties, chocolate, etc so the comments made that because electronic cigarette juices are made in flavors like these is proof they are targeted towards children is just absurd.

 While myself and everyone else opposing this bill agrees that regulations on manufacturing should be implemented and ultimately our goal is to prevent youth or under-aged persons from obtaining the devices or exposure to the juices an online sales ban is not the way to accomplish this goal. Children are capable of getting their hands on almost anything they want if they have enough motivation. Banning online sales will not stop under-aged persons from obtaining the devices as they are doing it illegally either by theft of a credit card or having someone of legal age purchase the items for them from a shop.

Many shipping companies have age verification options. This means items ordered must be signed for by a person of legal age and verification of ID must be shown before items are handed over. This is a wonderful option I think we should take full advantage of. This allows adults to still buy the items while stopping youths from getting them via online purchase. In reality we cannot guarantee that anything we do will prevents youths from getting these items or other items restricted by law to minors. Banning online sales with definitely not stop it, what it will do is stop adults from purchasing them. What it will do is stop shops from getting inventory which means they will either go out of business or move their business’s to another state as most people cannot afford to do this you will ultimately be signing their destruction. Let us work together to achieve a goal both sides desperately want. Let’s fine shops for selling to minors, take their licenses for repeat offenders. Let’s take advantage of age verification through shipping companies let’s work to create regulations both sides can agree on. I plead with you to consider the ramifications of what an online sales ban will do and ultimately if the goal is stop children from getting them this will not achieve it.