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From: media-actions-plus@hush.ai
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: No Out for FBI Except to Prosecute Eccles/Quinneys for their Major Bribes
Date: 2014-02-11T23:33:25Z
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Media Actions Plus

Open Letter
- Release of Correspondence

ATTN: S.A.C. Ms Rook
Utah FBI Salt Lake City

There is no out for the FBI or Utah now except arresting all of those Eccles and Quinneys -- and Frederick Quinney Lawson --who made the $4.5 million bribe to Rev. Caryl Marsh and her parish to cover up the large crimes of the FBI agents evidenced in recordings to have been conducting crimes upon her --- and in order for her to perform what crimes for them? All the operatives of the 1993 Banner International receivership must be prosecuted forthwith: Bowers, Caspar, Ralph Requa.

Must also prosecute corrupt FBI influencing UBS

Attached: COINTELPRO op on Steve Davis

Dear Ms. Rook:

I forward you the item below sent to UBS Financial Services, counsel William F. Pepper, a client of UBS, and others regarding the refusal of UBS to send wires from their client's account last September after regular wires for some time. This was alleged by UBS because of some suggestion of my being involved purportedly in a fraud --- a boiler room--- which I had in fact assisted some victims of and am doing so again now to track down the likely protection elements of governments in Florida. There was certainly some protection because of the degree and length of the boiler room operation that targeted identity thefts of 54 U.S. Companies.

But a pretext was made by UBS to their client of my involvement in the fraud. I believe it is clear now that this must have come to UBS from corrupt FBI elements involved in the theft in Utah of the Requa/Hoover Files. And it would also relate to those FBI/Mafia elements involved in 1974 in the murder of Samuel Edelman on contract for John Paul Getty in a failed attempt to frame myself in order to facilitate Getty's access to the Requa/Hoover Files, which I had denied him.

You should also now be aware that there will be soon a strong realization that the corruption of FBI Agent Collins in Utah in 1993 to instigate the Utah Medley Court Fraud and theft of the Requa/Hoover Files will very likely be seen to have been financed by Eccles/Quinney, possibly Gettys, and very likely Hunt Family persons as those who have benefited from the R/H Files theft and the development of gold mining on the properties covered in thousands of files -- one of which from the 1970s led to Getty/Barrick mining a billion dollars of gold at Mercur, asll based on Requa/Hoover data from the 1930s. That was what prompted J. Paul Getty to arange the murder of Edelman in a failed effort to frame me and remove my obstruction to his gaining more such mines from the R/H Files. The information that led to this realization in part came from Agent Christman there in Utah in 1993 who told me about fabricated FBI files about a supposed interview of me about the Edelman murder. That interview never happened. AnotherUtah FBI Agent did come to ask me about my telephone number reportedly written on an SLA hideout wall. These were both fabrications by FBI COINTELPRO agents to seek myself being framed for the murder. There were certainly many more such fabrications -- most likely the one Ralph Requa was spreading in 1993 and after about me having murdered several people. He also filed a perjured action alleging I was threatening my mother and had been removed from her home in a deranged state of mind. This was assuredly a fabrication contrived by Agent Collins to instigate the coming receivership. Indeed that fabrication was written into the fraudulent receivership complaint that was written by attorney Bruce Wycoff who then prompted one signatory to it for the safety issues about my mo ther.

The very many crimes by Raph Requa and Agent Collins are covered in one Complaint you have:

The many offences of Bruce Wycoff, Frederick Quinney Lawson, and others are detailed at:

In both complaints you will see th e transcripts of recordings on the Rev. Caryl Marsh regarding things the FBI had told her to say nothing about, thus confirming that that was what the FBI was doing. It is apparent that the FBI agents involved were prevailing upon her with defamatory fictions highly adverse to myself, and also that there was a purpose to this, e.g. a purpose similar to Agent Collins prompting my brother Ralph to his perjured court actions to facilitate that overnight ex parte overnight receivership, in order to steal the R/H Files.

The explosive realization soon to arise will be that after the Rev. Marsh was filmed saying these things, and after she was being requested by counsel and others to disclose the purpose of these FBI actions upon the Rev. Caryl Marsh, her parish, St.Paul' received donations of $4.5 million dollars. This I must inform you was a bribe for her to maintain the silence on FBI actions upon her --- which were criminal actions. Her disclosing all would expose the receivership fraud as having been instigated by criminalized FBI actions, such as those now known by Agent Collins (detailed in the Complaint against him) that included his attempted falsification of Utah State records on Banner corporate filings. This also was to facilitate the coming receivership crime.

Thus, if the Rev. Caryl Marsh revealed all not only would the FBI agents involved have been prosecuted in major crimes, but those who had employed these agents for these court frauds, with the theft by deception of the R/H Files, would also be prosecuted, and all the gold mines they had acquired based on the stolen files would also be lost. Those who were thus benefiting from the stolen files were compelled to insure that the Rev. Marsh would maintain her silence on what the FBI was telling her to do and what they were maliciously and criminally telling her that was prompting her such great fear about myself --- things about, say, the several persons I was alleged to have murdered (perhaps most likely based on the FBI fabrications created around the Edelman murder, but then were not of use when I could not be framed.

So, if the Rev. Marsh talked, a very great crime first instigated by John Paul Getty to steal the files in 1974 would be exposed, and all the crimes of the crime syndicate employed by him years later would also be exposed. These were the crimes covered in the complaints linked above regarding Philip Fay Stevenson. The Utah Receivership was not only to steal the R/H Files, but also to keep covered up the actions of the same crime syndicate first hired by Getty and then years later run by Stevenson --- with all its criminalized FBI agents. Certainly Getty family members were at risk, and H.L Hunt family descendants who employed their corrupt FBI agents (employing Roger Bowers with his crimes).

Therefore, all those who had financed the corrupt FBI agents to instigate the receivership fraud and the theft of the R/H Files were rather desperate to insure that the Rev. Caryl Marsh should maintain her silence on the FBI and the things the criminalized agents were telling her to say nothing about.

So, what did they do? They bribed the Rev. Marsh by donating $4.5 million dollars to her parish. And who organized that bribery? And who contributed to it? Frederick Quinney Lawson did, with his other Eccles and Quinney family members. And it was Lawson who instigated Wycoff to conduct the receivership fraud and to get Agent Collins to instigate Ralph Requa to perjure himself in the fraudulent court action before that alleging mental derangement of myself so that the coming receivership could be enacted overnight and ex parte.

This was thus also to insure that Lawson would not be exposed in the prior crimes associated with the Stevenson crime syndicate being exposed then by myself also. This was a bona fide Mafia/Triad crime syndicate.

Those who organized the $4.5 million bribe/donation to the Rev. Caryl Marsh and St. Pauls may this be alleged as, de facto, Mafia.

The Utah FBI's difficulty in prosecuting all these blatant criminals for these blatant and very great crimes in stealing the Requa/Hoover Files comes from the fact that they would have to recognize that all these Eccles/Quinney family members -- whether de facto or ipso facto
are Mafia --- together with all the FBI agents like Agent Collins they employed in these crimes---together with all the FBI agents they employed in that crime syndicate back to when John Paul Getty had them murder Samuel Edelman and make all the fabrications in their files to contribute to myself being framed, but then became useless when I Proved not frame-able, having left the crime locale before it happened.

But then 19 years later Agent Collins was able to use those fabrication over again to frighten and terrify the Rev. Marsh and others into their
panaramo of court frauds and COINTELPRO actions.

There is only one way out Agent Rook for the FBI. That is to arrest and prosecute all these people who made the donations to Rev. Marsh's Parish. That included the LDS Foundation, but their donation was based on them being given mining claims, no dount given to them by RQN and/or the Eccles/Quinneys from the plundered R.H Files.

There is no out for the FBI or Utah now except arresting all the Eccles and Quinneys -- and Frederick Quinney Lawson --who made the bribe to Rev. Marsh and her parish to cover up the large crimes of the FBI agents evidenced in recordings to have been conducting crimes upon her, and in order to perform what crimes by her? Of course all the operatives of the receivership must be prosecuted forthwith: Bowers, Caspar, Ralph Requa.

The CONTELPRO operation in these many years of crimes has continued with the criminal manipulations at UBS and with Steve Davis as attached and with the crimes now apparent of Byron Belitsos.

Stephen H. Requa

Related Correspondence Released:

cc: Pepper, Ward, Connie, Ann

From below to Jerry:
It was when you refused to see Byron that Davis panicked and went crazy. Got worse as you know. Really went nuts. Their whole scheme then fell apart.
-----Original Message-----
Byron has been working with adverse corrupt FBI against Banner since 2010. Dalton provided the proof by outing Davis and Byron and refusing to even meet with Byron who had also betrayed Jerry.

Dennis: The corrupt FBI trail was happening at same time with Byron and Davis and at UBS. You have nothing to worry about. It's the criminal side of FBI and we've already exposed it now.

You and I were stabbed in the back by Byron in an op with criminal FBI agents, the ones who set up the theft of the R/H Files.


Not to dwell on negatives but Jerry Dalton, the very experienced mining man made a rather staggering exposure to me when Steve Davis went to see him about, supposedly, Davis and Dalton working together on Banner issues. What happened however was Dalton exposed that Byron Belitsos was working covertly against Banner and me with Davis, while alleging that I had been charged with defrauding the elderly -- when in fact I was assisting them and had never been charged with anything. It is now clear that Byron has been conspiring against us ever since 2010. Only corrupt FBI could have brought them together in Utah and done the UBS thing -- using THE SAME LIBEL (that was 5 years old and defunct! scrapping the bottom of the barrel). UBS needs to know they are dealing with criminals in the FBI. Besides Byron.

Anyway, Dalton told Davis that he would not meet Byron with him, see underlined below after which Davis went quite nuts with email like the below with "Go to Hell Steve Requa," and writing Jerry was in his War Zone now" all because Jerry wouldn't meet with Byron, whose name had never been mentioned in Davis context. So see the second large red highlighted paragraph below as for the explanation.  It had to have been a MAJOR scheme (with the corrupt FBI in all this, with them having to have even brought them together) for Davis to have gone so nuts for weeks after that and showing he had allied with Bowers and Ralph Requa ! UBS had just happened before with Byron either directly involved -- or his corrupt FBI handlers involved.

How and when Byron searched out Davis is uncertain, but it is clear that there was some major covert alliance between then and that materialzed with Davis doing all sort of bizarre things like copying his letters to the arch-criminals, Bowers, Ralph Requa, and Byron. Davis then abandoned his plans to work against Barrick with me. He sent an email out about me being charged with fraud and I produced the proof that it was just the opposite, and Davis was forced to write back he apologized and wrote "I'm sorry I listened to Byron!!!"  He still carried on with his 180 U TURN and indicated that he had been converted to the Barrick/FBI crowd. The actions against Barrick have all dwindled down in Chile.  Davis is got turned and then launched into invective.

So after the years of enthused emails with Davis, Byron turns up with intrigue and many libels against me including the "charged with fraud" libels. Then much else to show that Davis was being manipulated by corrupt FBI.
There was a major scheme that Davis and Byron got involved in !! And when Dalton exposed it and wouldn't participate in it, Davis went ballistic! .

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From: Steve Davis <atlaskanco@
To: anglonevada <anglonevada@aol.co.uk>; banner-international <banner-international@hush.com>;
Sent: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 1:53
Subject: Fwd: Notice to Cease and Desist

Go to Hell, Stephen Requa
Good bye Gerald Dalton (unless you want to be in my warz\ zone, too)  All this emotion from Dalton just refusing to see Byron!

I was the Assistant to the President, Northrop University when I met Mark Requa back East.

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From: Gerald Jerry-Dalton <gsd122
To: anglonevada <anglonevada@aol.com>
Sent: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 22:58
Subject: Re: Jerry: CRITICAL THE CLIMAX NOW ! Please read all very carefully !! Very Intense Stuff Now

Your brief explanation helps me understand what triggered the sudden change of attitude by Davis. He spoke with me after talking with Byron and suggested that I could go to meet with him and Byron. In that conversation I realized that Byron had betrayed my confidences with him and so I told Davis that I would not go to San Francisco to meet Byron or anywhere else. As you indicate it was a day later that Davis made a sudden about face with me and did not even call to tell me that he wasn't coming to meet. He even lied to me when I called to find out what happened, that he was returning to Vegas after his meeting with the Erin Brockovich group over a water contamination problem in Salt Lake, saying that he wanted to talk further with Martin Mates. Marty told me later matters to the contrary.


From: "anglonevada@aol.com" <anglonevada@aol.com>
To: gsd1226
Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2013 2:24 PM
Subject: Re: Jerry: CRITICAL THE CLIMAX NOW ! Please read all very carefully !! Very Intense Stuff Now

Thanks Jerry. No. You've been GREAT!!! You might help first perhaps with Pepper. I will forward your note to him. You have always been great, and have much of helpful evidence now. I was writing Marks. He was in on some of Byron's conference calls and ruined things in Honduras. It was when you refused to see Byron that Davis panicked and went crazy. Got worse as you know. Really went nuts. Their whole scheme then fell apart.
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From: Gerald Jerry-Dalton <gsd122
To: anglonevada <anglonevada@aol.com>
Sent: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 22:14
Subject: Re: Jerry: CRITICAL THE CLIMAX NOW ! Please read all very carefully !! Very Intense Stuff Now

Who are you addressing in the matters below relating to Byron and Davis and others. I certainly trust that you are not thinking that I have in any way cooperated with either of them in any activity contrary to you and your interests. I am as baffled as anyone at the antics of them both and since the weekend preceding my proposed meeting with Davis have not had any further contact with either of them. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist in your efforts.
Gerald Sherman Dalton