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From: Melinda Owen
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Please Vote Yes on HB96!
Date: 2014-02-11T01:14:23Z

Feb 10, 2014 Representative Lee Perry State Capitol , Suite 350 350 North State Street Salt Lake City, UT 84114 Dear Representative Perry, I am writing to ask that you support school readiness and vote YES on HB96. My second child attended Head Start (my first was in special ed preschool), but I was over income when it became time to enroll my youngest. Our family makes just enough money that we don't qualify for anything, yet not enough to be able to pay for both child care and preschool. I am fortunate that I was able to get my child into Upstart. The requirements to be kindergarten ready are higher than ever, but with programs like Head Start and Upstart my kids, kids who are from a family too rich to be poor but too poor to pay preschool tuition and child care costs, getting them ready is still possible. High-quality preschool is a proven strategy that changes the odds for at-risk children who lack opportunity, but it also catches those children who are not considered at-risk but also lack opportunity. Participation in a high-quality preschool program ensures these children enter kindergarten on-track with their peers and reach proven benchmarks. Programs like Head Start and Upstart have been tracking academic outcomes for years to prove thst they are changing lives and increasing achievement and success. HB96 will allow these programs to reach even more children who need pre-k prep. Please support this legislation. Our kids, our communities, and the future of our state are worth the investment. Sincerely, Mrs. Melinda Owen 2957 S 7785 W Magna, UT 84044-1563 (801) 598-3177