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From: clinton a atwater
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: we need you to pass Hb 105 through for out little Daughter!
Date: 2014-02-10T23:19:35Z

Dear Lee Perry,


You are going to have HB 105 come into your hands and I am asking you to send it through house rules. I am the daddy to a little girl named Asia Skye Atwater, she is 7 years old and she suffers from an extremely rare genetic disorder. A major setback in her health and development is her intractable debilitating seizures. She is a sweet little girl. On her current meds she is doped up and this causes so many negative daily side effects. Some in her personality some in her health. The pharmaceuticals she is taking have very dangerous present and future  side effects. HB 105 is a bill that was written up so that thousands of children and tens of thousands of adults can be helped by the use of a hemp extract that has proven itself in other states that have given families safe access to this product. Please send it through! I have done what I can and ask if you can be part of a positive change in these families life.

Thank you

Clinton Atwater

Asia Skye Atwater