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From: Allan Hales
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Consider This!
Date: 2014-02-08T14:24:18Z

                Please consider this—there is not a man, women or child alive today, that is not guilty of some crime due to the enormity of laws that have been passed by legislators who are zealous to right ever wrong.  Your passion to protect has turned into an obsession to control and tax every aspect of our lives—to the eventual enslavement and loss of personal freedoms—God given freedoms.

                May I suggest, rather than continuing down the enslaving slippery slope of controlling the minute actions of our lives, that we free up people to believe, to act, to work, to create and to own the efforts of their own labors and genius and hold men accountable for their actions when they seek to repress, destroy, coerce or remove those God given rights from others.

                It’s time to free up the creative entrepreneurial self-motivated  spirit of Americans by removing the egregious amount of laws on the books, the stifling amount of taxes, and the heinous efforts to invade the privacy of Americans.  Punish the guilty who seek to destroy these liberties and abolish the forced slavery of those who are taxed and legislated to support the dole!

                I care not legislated security, but for my freedoms which guarantee my right to secure by life!!



Allan Hales

Salem, UT