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From: David Howell
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: HB 37
Date: 2014-02-06T17:40:24Z

Dear Representative Perry,


As you know, Representative Dixon Pritcher has introduced HB 37, Public Waters Access Act.  This is a true compromise bill that is very similar to access law in Idaho.  HB 37 protects public water and property rights.  This bill does not create new access or take away private property rights.  Additionally, passage of HB 37 will terminate two lawsuits, the first against the Recreational Use of Public Water on Private Property Act itself, and the second for navigability on the Weber River.  These lawsuits actually have the potential to negatively impact private property rights. 


HB 37 builds a foundation to foster positive economic impact to rural regions and the growing outdoor industry, while protecting private property rights, and providing citizen access to a public resource.  By allowing HB 37 to go to the floor for a vote, we can move ahead and save significant tax payer money. 


Other states have solved this problem.  We can too.  I hope you see the benefits for all of your constituents in supporting HB 37.  I was born and raised in Utah.  I returned to Utah after my military service to complete my education and raise my family.  We are avid supporters and users of Utah's public lands and its resources.


Representative, I support our right to utilize public resources while protecting private property rights.  I have raised my children to be conscientious stewards of our public land and its resources.  I seek your support in ensuring our legislators approach this topic as many of your constituents do, with a respect for both private property rights and protection of public resources.  


Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.



David Howell


1694 N. 2800 E.

Layton, UT 84040