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From: Kristina Nelson
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Date: 2014-02-05T23:36:56Z

Good afternoon Representatives,


The issue with stream access in Utah is very close to me. I have been watching this unfold for five years; through the court system to a poor bill being passed and now to a compromise bill. My family of four enjoys the outdoors and Utah has one of the most beautiful landscapes to recreate on. My boys which are 14 and 8 thoroughly enjoy fly-fishing and the overall peace that comes with it. However since the new legislation we are unable to fish the waters we once did. Sadly to say I have found that we now travel to Idaho in order to enjoy the waters thus spending our travel money there. I can only imagine the money being spent in other states that Utah is losing due to current law. HB37 brings a compromise to all parties and I respectfully ask that you release this bill out of Rules.




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