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To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Freedom to burn wood for heat.
Date: 2014-01-28T14:45:32Z

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Please do not take away any more of my freedoms!

The inversion layers in Utah have been and will continue well into the future. They are a force of nature we will not overcome. It is the increase in population that has caused a problem in our valley.

If the federal and state governments wish to spend our hard earned money and resources, I'd prefer they do it in a positive way.

Support a clean burning wood stove exchange!
Give a new, lower emission wood burning stove in exchange for older stoves.

Nothing's nicer than toasting yourself in front of a cosy fire on a cold Utah day/nite! Using a wood burning stove to heat our home means we're not captive to energy companies and their ever-rising prices – and can still be warm when the power is out for whatever reason.

Burning wood is carbon-neutral because it's a renewable resource, but burning it cleanly is the key to making it enviro-friendly.

By burning dry wood in a clean-burning wood stove you win 3 times over:

1) Wood is a sustainable heating fuel.
2) We get more heat from a clean-burning (non-smoky) fire.
3) Cleaner burning means fewer smoke particles lodging in all our lungs.

We do not burn wood carelessly or burn wet wood that can create a health hazard. Our current wood burning stove can burn much more cleanly than older models.

Wood burning helps defray the higher costs associated with electric, propane, and natural gas.