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From: Utah CannabisCoalition
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: If a Peacock Finds a Pot Leaf - A children's book about medical marijuana
Date: 2014-01-13T07:07:51Z
Greetings again Utah lawmakers - 

The Utah Cannabis Coalition is continuing the campaign to educate all Utah lawmakers about the true benefits of cannabis by sharing a very special presentation.

Please take a moment to view the attached presentation and learn how to communicate with children about the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

We will be more than happy to explain any concept contained in this book or answer any questions you may have about medical marijuana.

Utah patients are suffering and in dire need of legal access to their medicine and our Coalition will continue our campaign to EDUCATE in order to MEDICATE.

As usual, thank you for your time and consideration.  

If A Peacock Finds A Pot Leaf for Utah Lawmakers 01132014 - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1CQHRZIiUT4L2QueANg3-dSqICCzjsSoh-gi_yzFspEw/edit?usp=sharing