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Subject: Re: Alleged FBI Cointelpro Crimes in Utah (Mafia related)?
Date: 2013-12-27T22:26:56Z
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ATTN: Utah State Legislature / FBI / US Attorneys

Excerpt from Attachment: Utah FBI's Inclusion in the Major Criminal COINTELPRO Op list:

The Most Fully-Evidenced Overtly Criminal COINTELPRO Operations Done for High-Level Special Interests’ Economic Gain                                                                                                  Conducted by U.S. FBI under the Control of "Big Oil"/Weapons Industry/ Mafia-allied Economic/Financial Interests 

                                                                                                                                                                                       The Martin Luther King Assassination Memphis Court Verdict                        Comprehensively Evidenced and Court-Proved Verdict from the 1999 Memphis Trial:                          Hunt/Hoover emplaced the COINTELPRO Faction into FBI (likewise ―Big Oil/Weapons Industry/Mafia-Complicit)                                                                                                                                                                                                      They Organized Interests of Hunt’s Vietnam War and defence industry profiteers (also covertly Mafia-allied; one General Convicted)

Summary/Evidence of Memphis Trial: http://dickatlee.com/issues/assassinations/king_assassination.html  1974 Contract Murder of Samuel Edelman by John Paul Getty through FBI’s COINTELPRO Faction                                                                                                                                                                             To Frame Controller of Requa/Hoover Files, S.H.Requa, for that Murder and thereby Gain Control of Files                                                                                                                                                                       FBI Fabricated Records (typically of COINTELPRO) to Allege Fictitious ― Radical and Violent Profiles  Requa Suddenly Absenting Himself Unexpectedly from Murder Locale Just Prior to Murder, the Frame-up Failed                                                                                                                                                                   Same Profile of COINTELPRO FBI control as with Hunt: John Paul Getty an Oil Power Doing FBI/Mafia-Assisted Crimes for Economic Gain     

Criminal Take-over of Banner International & Theft of Requa/Hoover Files 1993                                                                                                                                                                        Re-Use in 1993 by Utah FBI Agent Collins of Fabricated FBI Records from 1974 Edelman Murder to Construct Utah Court Frauds   Proven ―Scripting‖, typical of COINTELPRO Experts, for Persons Made Accomplices to Receivership and Court Frauds

Disappearance of R/H Files during that Receivership Fraud Beneficial Interests Indicated to Have Included Hunt Family and/or Associates

Conclusion: On-going Evidence to Present of Continuing ―Big Oil‖/Mafia

-allied COINTELPRO FBI Faction.

The Major Senate Church Committee Hearings of 1976 with comprehensive evidence and conclusions then possible on FBI...

Excerpt: See Attachment...

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Subject: Fwd: Alleged FBI Cointelpro Crimes in Utah (Mafia related?
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Media Actions Plus  

Commentary: Questions Being Raised on Utah FBI COINTELPRO and Alleged Criminal Acts of Utah FBI in 1993 and Since:
Allegations have been made that the overnight ex parte 1993 Utah Receivership on Banner International was a corrupt FBI COINTELPRO operation organized largely by Utah FBI Agent Collins using fabrications and defamatory fictions made to several persons to prompt their assistance with making these allegations to the court. In Congressional Hearings on COINTELPRO of 1976 and in media commentaries thereafter such operations were most often categorized  as "the dirty tricks" of FBI COINTELPRO operations. 
Also being alleged is that on-going COINTELPRO operations were instigated with former Banner International shareholders to maintain the cover-up of the Utah events, and with others in subsequent mining operations to disrupt them and to prevent their profitability.
In connection with these present Utah issues being raised, Media Actions Plus has reviewed the much greater-than-expected available information on the FBI's history of COINTELPRO operations, with a selection of that available in the links below. Most relate to the Church Committee Senate hearings of 1976 with the media commentaries and books that resulted. Summaries on both of the related Church and Pike Committees -- focusing on CIA issues -- may be seen at:  http://www.cooperativeresearch.org/topic.jsp?topic=country_cyprus  
In context of the extensive FBI violations of law detailed in the Congressional Hearings of 1976, of greatest concern now to the public, in addition to this Utah case, will the large  number of books and information concerning alleged crimes by FBI agents since 1976 as to be seen at ("Crimes of the FBI") : http://www.greatgoldgrab.com/comm.htm
The issues of on-going crimes by FBI agents (COINTELPRO) since those Congressional Hearings, and of alleged routine obstructions of justice for such crimes,  are thus now being raised.
Review of the public information on the Congressional Hearings and on other court proceedings is indeed strongly evidentiary of a highly corrupt relationship between J. Edgar Hoover and oil billionaire H.L. Hunt. 
Indeed, it was found that a private red-phone telephone line existed solely for the daily convenience and communications between H.L. Hunt in his Dallas office and J. Edgar Hoover's Office at the FBI. The question raised is thus "Who was controlling the FBI?" -- both then and now. Of interest regarding Hunt, these have been found: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKhuntHL.htm
Of  greatest significance of all now in these questions being raised are the proceedings of the 1999 Memphis Trial by William Pepper for the King Family regarding the Martin Luther King Assassination.  The summary of evidence and proceedings may be seen at link below. The jury ruled that Hoover, Hunt, and their allied specific Mafia figures (known to have been allied with Hunt, as was proved in court) had in fact organized the MLK assassination. as summarized below regarding the evidence admitted by the Memphis Court for consideration by the jurors:


As noted in this Summary the evidence on FBI agents included these examples:


"The jury heard of a 1967 conversation reported by billionaire H.L. Hunt's personal assistant, in
which Hunt's friend J. Edgar Hoover had told Hunt that Hunt's attacks on Dr. King over his radio
network would not stop King, that the only way to do that was to "completely silence" him, an
argument Hunt later acknowledged Hoover had won [43].

"They learned of FBI reports that were patently false, and of others pointing in the right direction
that had been suppressed -- e.g., witness statements of [James Earl] Ray leaving before the shooting
[116,133], the rifle's non-sighting [119],
The short formal Congressional Statement and Summary Conclusion on FBI COINTELPRO issued first by the Church Committee included the following:
“The Committee finds that the domestic activities of the intelligence community at times violated specific statutory prohibitions and infringed the constitutional rights of American citizens. The legal questions involved in intelligence programs were often not considered. On other occasions, they were intentionally disregarded in the belief that because the programs served the "national security" the law did not apply. While intelligence officers on occasion failed to disclose to their superiors programs which were illegal or of questionable legality, the Committee finds that the most serious breaches of duty were those of senior officials, who were responsible for controlling intelligence activities and generally failed to assure compliance with the law.[1]
 Full extensive Report linked below in several locations.
More succinct media and published comments on the very extensive report included these excerpts:
"In short, Cointelpro was J. Edgar Hoover's secret war against what he considered "dangerous" ideas, or sometimes against
   individuals who were unpopular with his friends and supporters".
"The "dirty business" included unauthorized bugging and wiretapping; mail opening; warrantless break-ins ("black bag jobs"); anonymously
   mailing reprints of newspaper and magazine articles (some of them planted in the press by the Bureau itself); disseminating defamatory
   information regarding individuals, much of it false; encouraging street warfare between violence-prone groups; contacting an employee
   with derogatory information about a person to get the target fired; using the IRS to harass individuals an d organizations by audit; and
   so on. 
   "As one newspaper writer put it, "almost nothing - beyond lack of imagination - appears to have limited the range of dirty tricks' used
   by the FBI . . ."
In present Utah matters of the Medley Court and disappearance of the Requa/Hoover Files, William Pepper has written Utah FBI and U.S. Attorneys:
The letter of  Pepper to Utah U.S. Attorneys and FBI include one of January 7, 2013 to be seen at:
In this he stated: "The evidence clearly indicates that a continuing crime has been committed" relating to the "disappearance of the Requa/Hoover Files during a "baseless receivership" in the Tyrone Medley Court on July 20, 1993. On December 9, Pepper wrote that the lack of action after this first letter now" compelled a new law enforcement team" at the FBI in Utah.
The events at the time of the receivership on Banner International were narrated by Requa in chapters of his published book then referring to Utah FBI agent Collins as "Agent X" at:
Collins' alleged efforts to falsify Utah State filings on Banner International were contained in a Criminal Complaint made following the Pepper letter of January 7 to be seen at:
With extensive evidence having been obtained on actions of FBI Agent Collins, Requa has revised his conclusions on the 1993 events in context of recalling an FBI agent who questioned him briefly in 1974, and in context of FBI Agent Mike Christman of Utah informing him in 1993 that there was a record of a San Francisco police detective questioning him, also back in 1974, about the murder of a Mr. Edelman. Both the issue of the 1974 FBI agent contacting him and the alleged San Francisco detective questioning him, Requa states, were fabrications. There was never any such questioning and the issue mentioned by the 1974 Utah FBI agent he also states was plainly a fabrication. His "Author's Preface" for a sequel to his book covers these in detail in the attachment here.
They make it clear, he writes, that a highly criminal COINTELPRO operation was involved in 1974 in a scheme to obtain the Requa/Hoover Files by Getty Oil and John Paul Getty, and also that a likewise criminal COINTELPRO operation was behind the Utah events as organized by Agent Collins, both for the interests of those seeking to obtain the Requa/Hoover Files.  He notes that the FBI file fabrications of which he learned in 1974 and 1993 were apparently used again by FBI Agent Collins in 1993, inferring that Agent Collins must have known they were fabrications in light of them having failed in 1974 to serve their intended purpose.
His present conclusion is that Agent Collins organized the "baseless" receivership overnight by prevailing upon several persons to make false statements alleging his mental impairment. The whole range typical of FBI COINTELPRO and the "dirty tricks" they employ, he says are now clear to have been employed by Agent Collins that reflect the above commentaries, most particularly about FBI "dirty tricks":
"disseminating defamatory information regarding individuals, much of it false"
"The "dirty business" included unauthorized bugging and wiretapping; mail opening; warrantless break-ins ("black bag jobs"); anonymously
   mailing reprints of newspaper and magazine articles (some of them planted in the press by the Bureau itself); disseminating defamatory
   information regarding individuals, much of it false; encouraging street warfare between violence-prone groups; contacting an employee
   with derogatory information about a person to get the target fired; using the IRS to harass individuals an d organizations by audit; and
   so on. 
   "As one newspaper writer put it, "almost nothing - beyond lack of imagination - appears to have limited the range of dirty tricks' used
   by the FBI . . ."
This Requa states is clearly seen in the evidence he has provided in the attached item. These are transcripts of recordings that were made by other London-based journalists of the Rev. Marsh of Utah and of Roger Bowers against whom Requa has made recent Criminal Complaints to FBI and U.S. Attorneys as to be seen in the links below that may be clicked and are also in the attached. The evidence appears persuasive.
The information in the available public documentation indicates that while COINTELPRO operations were said to have been disbanded, the reality appears to be that all that has changed has been procedures of FBI in the filings of their records so that the unchanged on-going COINTELPRO operations could not be located.   
Requa alleges that in evidence now is a continuing corrupt network of agents within the FBI that was first put in place by J. Edgar Hoover at the prompting of H.L. Hunt, utilizing their private "red phone" hook-up, and with his Mafia cohorts and Hoover's as allies. This Requa writes resulted in a now-evidenced on-going group of agents in the FBI who were and are still allied with Mafia elements who assist with continuing COINTELPRO operations and with their obstructions of justice, which he states is reflected in the list of "Crimes of the FBI": http://www.greatgoldgrab.com/comm.htm
Requa's interpretation of the Memphis Trial by William Pepper is that it was the ultimate COINTELPRO operation as was greatly detailed by the Church Committee and in the book:
The Utah crimes alleged to Agent Collins may be regarded, he states, as the second now most-documented major COINTELPRO operation. There is he states an "on-going network of FBI agents
allied with and employed by the richest of persons, such as H.L. Hunt and John Paul Getty, who since Hoover/Hunt times has employed and collaborated with Mafia groups and elements to conduct COINTELPRO crimes, to cover them up, and to obstruct justice. "The richest of people", he says, "covertly rule the FBI and thus much of the U.S, using their Mafia henchman and corrupt implanted FBI agents to maintain their control. This, he says, can all be readily seen in the now-available comprehensive documentation" from Congressional Hearings, the 1999 Memphis Trial by Pepper", and from their own two investigations.
Media Actions Plus  
Various links gathered to date include these:






APRIL 26 (legislative day, April 14), 1976