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From: anglonevada@aol.com
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: ATTN: Pepper: Sensational: Present day COINTELPRO op now being Exposed
Date: 2013-12-17T18:39:15Z

Sent: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 17:30
Subject: Pepper: A Sensation: Present day COINTELPRO op now being Exposed

To Major Documentary Producer who produced series of 40 for BBC, then the most expensive ever: several books he wrote made into feature films:

The "COINTELPRO" focus is pure sensation. For everything. It is 100% certain that such an unlawufl FBI operation happened in Utah (many years after Congress outlawed them) and to engineer a major Court Fraud and theft of assets.The plentiful proofs in hand are now enough to prompt,immediately, any and all of the following:

1) All the Press Releases already being contemplated (tens of thousands) now so perfectly to be focused. One word says it all: "COINTELPRO" That will get countless journalists going; a very big such op after they were outlawed by Congress following J.Edgar Hoover's death, with all the findings that then came out about him in Congressional Hearings. But now here's a really big such unlawful FBI here today;

2) Much varied coverage--to be escalating--in broadcast items assured -- of all scope, large and small; plenty of material right now to go on: there a COINTELPRO op is there to be seen, no ifs, ands, or buts;

3) Never has there been a relatively recent and on-going COINTELPRO op either identified, let alone so incredibly documented, and with such proof; will be a  sensation that can only grow. So much more to be got on it;

4) Plenty of questions now to be asked. It is an investigative journalists' dream, immediately to be seen  -- with near-term print and/or documentary deals - with a major documentary deal with rights to be held in reserve while the sensation grows;

5) Then there are the feature film rights, well-secured since book's first publication, to be of much more interest with 2nd edition; something so readily sensationalized: "COINTELPRO" as that term is seen to be what it was/still-is;

6) The lied-to old shareholders dupped by disinformation campaign (also assisted by others duped by FBI agents) will be up in arms, with many stories to tell; all the proof in hand right now, but there is much more easily now to be brought to light; many people will start talking;

7) The implications legally are of the slam-dunk nature now; some people will want quick outs.

8) Funding for new mining will be readily availabe;

9) So many angles and facets to identify right now for Press Releases to go out to tens of thousands;

Much to chat about,