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From: banner-international@hush.com
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Shareholders/Legislature:To FBI: Summary Complaint re: Long Standing FBI Criminal Network as Alleged
Date: 2013-12-13T23:27:37Z
Attachments: Advisory_(1)_1_[1].pdf , Body:
As excerpted from attached Complaint:

Advisory & Summary of the 2013 Criminal Complaints

Now Evidenced Here with Alleged Obstructions of Justice by Utah F.B.I. Agents

ATTN: Utah U.S. Attorneys and Utah F.B.I.



Attn: Utah U.S. Attorneys David Barlow and  Paul Kohler

          S.A.C. Ms. M.F. Rook Utah F.B.I.


Without Prejudice:


A corrupt internal FBI faction of long-standing is now evidenced and alleged to have utilized and arranged for tandem and alleged FBI criminally employed agents/assets at both Financial Services Office of UBS and with the same fabrication as made by Mr. Byron Belitsos in the Criminal Complaints made against said Belitsos. Coordination is alleged as having been made in these and other events by corrupt FBI agents in a long-established network since the time of H. L. Hunt and J. Edgar Hoover with now court-ruled-lon verdict as inclusive of Mafia figures including Carlos Marcelo and others.


Also alleged as having been devised and constructed by corrupt FBI agents/assets, with the instigation by them of an alleged law firm of New Mexico, who of evidence and alleged, induced and manipulated one Mr. Marks to sign a de facto alleged criminal complaint by said Marks against the Complainant and associated companies. Primary purpose of said alleged fraudulent legal filing was to defame and discredit this Complainant and his associated companies to preclude their financing. Said New Mexico filings were not sustainable or feasible to be served on Complainant, but with related corruption of that New Mexico Court and of a Las Vegas judge — but with no possible material benefit to Mr. Marks,  thus solely for its only purpose, as alleged, of defamation and libel. Said Marks is evidenced and alleged as having been deployed for use with Steven Davis. Coordination of this with Belitsos, by some means by corrupt FBI agents, is alleged.


Prior criminal accomplices from 1993 Utah Court Frauds for purposes of the covert theft of Requa/Hoover Files have been of record as alleged and recently of evidence as collaborating and being in communication with Steven Davis – thereby being an alleged and continuing organized crime from 1993, as was apparent in 1993, and herewith alleged as being from 1993 to present an by the long-standing criminal faction in FBI deriving from its first organization with H.L Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover and related Mafia and oil interests – all these of evidence in a jury ruling of 1999 as involved in assassination of Martin Luther King. See:




Steven C. Davis appears from his emails to have been pressured and subject by aforesaid evident and alleged libels (believed instigated by corrupt FBI/agenst) via Belitsos and Marks to have been, as alleged, manipulated/deceived/compelled into cooperation with those behind the Medley Court Frauds, said events as only possible conclusion to be alleged following the need to avert Davis from his prior intent with Complainant as expressed by him:


Continued with attachment: