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From: media-action-plus@hushmail.com
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Press Commentary on Dr. W.F. Pepper's Memphis Trial for Martin Luther King Family
Date: 2013-12-12T18:59:03Z
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The professional legal and courtroom magnificence of Dr. William F. Pepper's Memphis Trial for the King family in 1999 on the assassination of Martin Luther King -- with all its comprehensive evidence -- is monumental; and, its present emergence at long last into the public media will finally make all things plain. The unimaginable depravity of those actually responsible -- including H.L. Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover, Carlos Marcello, their other major Mafia henchmen, and with their allied military factions --- will finally be seen by all. The unimaginably awful details of what actually happened to Martin Luther King, by whom, how they did it, and how they covered it up and suppressed the Trial's verdict for so long --- is difficult to comment on. Just the Summary facts as attached are the only places to start.

For Dr. William F. Pepper a victory is emerging, after 14 years of the suppression of these facts in the media since that 1999 Memphis Trial and verdict, now at last to be spotlighted in the world media. The past is to be seen for what it was. People will deal with it as they may, and now no longer possible to be ignored. How William Pepper has maintained --- before and since, and largely at his own expense, with such a workload and burden of mostly pro bono legal cases --- is hardly to be understood. For so long and with such depths of discouragement, with such sacrifices, and with such implacable resolve to carry on to a much-needed finish is difficult to imagine as being possible for anyone.

Nothing, however, can be done now to contain the MLK Memphis Trial story and its reality that very few could have thought possible -- with all its nightmares of human depravity to contemplate --- and as now to emerge into the international media. The awful realities are now so clear, so exhaustively investigated and detailed with William Pepper's own more than million dollars of expense in discovering them, all as proven in court in Memphis in 1999. "Establishment" folks, and companies, and very many will surely be drawn to distance themselves, however they can, from the forces and interests then responsible and that today are still present among us. How shall they do it?  This is the question that such great efforts and expense since 1999 have been expended to prevent from being posed, and dealt with.

But the attached Summary of the Memphis Trial by Dr. William F. Pepper, with its evidence, its proceedings and testimony, and with its verdict will explain why such great efforts were expended to maintain the silence on these facts, with their terrible reality --- a reality we will now be forced to ascertain for the extent of its continued presence. The reality behind it all remains to be dealt with.  Now our being forced to do so is what explains the implacable zeal of Dr. William F. Pepper to arrive at what assuredly will be a turning point in history.  

Media Action Plus

December 12, 2013