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From: director@federalconventions.us
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: CONFERENCE CALL “LEGISLATIVE SEMINAR” Step by Step Instructions for Article V Sovereignty & States Rights Amendment Convention
Date: 2013-12-12T02:30:27Z
CONFERENCE CALL “LEGISLATIVE SEMINAR” Step by Step Instructions for Article V Sovereignty & States Rights Amendment Convention
Join us on this history making conference call.  Invite many State Legislators to attend.  We will be taking us through the Article V process for the Sovereignty and States Rights Amendment.   There will be opportunities for comments and questions. 
1.       Call “Application” directing Congress to convene the Single Amendment Convention.
2.       Passing the “Delegate Resolution” for the delegates going to the Convention.
3.       Review of the provisions of the Sovereignty and States Rights Amendment.
a.       Emphasis will be on Constitutional and States Sovereignty, Martial Law protections, Privacy protections, Countermands to disallow laws - current and retroactive, Enforcement authority in the States when the Federal government won’t take action against violators of the Amendment.
4.       Ratification process.
This is a conference you won’t want to miss.  Join us and remember to invite your State Legislators. 
Day:  Tuesday Evening
Date: December 17, 2013
Time 9:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time         
Dial in Number (712) 432 1500
Access Code: 685816#
By Charles Kacprowicz, National Director Citizen Initiatives – December 10, 2013
State Legislatures must never abdicate their Article V sovereignty by allowing Congress, the Courts, Executive Branch or Article V groups to define it for them. If they abdicate it they will lose it forever.  Article V empowers State Legislatures to be the last arbiters in all Constitutional matters!

Convention of States and other Article V advocacy groups miss three very important factors in the Article V process. 

First, sovereignty rests in State Legislatures. It was passed down from the Articles of Confederation to the Legislatures in Article V with the only change being 3/4's of the States would now be needed to ratify an amendment. Under the Articles a unanimous vote was required which is the reason we almost lost the Revolution. The most troubling question to be answered at the Constitutional Convention was how can the State Legislatures retain their sovereignty. The answer was found in Article V and State Legislature Conventions.

Two, because State Legislatures are sovereign, the delegates to any Convention are Ambassadors, not free agents, as some have foolishly argued. Any proposed Amendment is to be pre-approved by the Legislatures before it goes to the Convention. The delegates are to be bound under contract to their Legislature with instructions for how they are to conduct themselves at the Convention. 
Three, State Legislatures alone determine what obligations their delegate ambassadors to a Convention are to fulfil.  The Governor nor any other State or Federal governing body has Article V authority.  The Legislatures do not need the Governor’s signature to approve Delegate Resolutions or No Run Away Convention Acts

Article V provides an entirely different process for amending the Constitution that never existed before, but State sovereignty never changed. Under Article V the State Legislatures make the rules at the Convention, including pre-approval of the text for the proposed amendment. When 26 Legislatures preapprove a Delegate Resolution, the Convention is assured of carrying on its deliberations safely, predictably and successfully. If we allow as many as 535 delegates from 50 States to decide the subjects to be debated, the Amendments to be adopted, the text of the proposed Amendment to be approved, then there will be mayhem. The smaller more conservative States will be overwhelmed and our Christian Constitutional heritage will not be restored. 

Article V provides the method for smaller more conservative States to lead the way at a Convention because we are still a Constitutional Republic as guaranteed in Article V, Section 4. 



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P.S. To download a PDF copy of the Step by Step Instructions for the Call on Congress for the Sovereignty and States Rights Amendment Convention go to:  http://citizeninitiatives.org/Legislator_Document_Links_12-5-13.pdf