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From: NCSL
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: NCSL LegisBriefs: December 2013
Date: 2013-12-09T20:21:58Z

Preventing Smoking During Pregnancy Preventing Smoking During Pregnancy
As more data shows the dangers of smoking to pregnant women and babies, policymakers find themselves grappling with the public health and financial ramifications of this habit.


Giving Veterans Hiring PreferenceGiving Veterans Hiring Preference
Veterans offer a unique set of skills developed during their years of military service, yet unemployment rates for veterans remain high. With more military personnel returning home, state legislatures are focused on easing these veterans' transition to civilian jobs.

Treating the Whole Person by Integrating Care Treating the Whole Person by Integrating Care
For many patients, including those enrolled in Medicaid, behavioral health problems exacerbate their physical ailments. To improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of Medicaid, state lawmakers are considering and adopting policies to integrate behavioral health and primary care.

The Role of Fiscal Notes in the Legislative Process The Role of Fiscal Notes in the Legislative Process
A fiscal note provides a reliable estimate of the impact a bill will have on state revenues and expenditures. Though often complicated and controversial, fiscal notes provide a tool that helps the legislature make informed decisions based on the best information available.

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