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From: banner-international@hush.com
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Utah FBI/Barlow/Kohler/Legislators/Shareholders: re: "Bombshell for the FBI"
Date: 2013-12-09T17:37:55Z
"The Bombshell for the FBI"
Or go to www.greatgoldgrab.com and see it bottom right in pdf list and next to Criminal Complaint and Advisory to FBI and to Utah State Legislators, clickable at:
and to be seen with all Criminal Complaints in pdfs at home page : www.greatgoldgrab.com
Excerpt from beginning:

Advisory to Banner International and Banner-related Investors 1987 to Present

The recovered criminally-suppressed Banner International Corporate/Financial Records (that

were suppressed by Utah Court receivership crimes) now combine with the

extensive Roger Bowers' comments from his 2001 interview recordings (not seen by any until

recently) about plainly corrupt agents from several FBI offices calling him with gross

fabrications made for very evident quite criminal purposes.

The unavoidable conclusions are that a long-term network of criminalized FBI agents has been

in place, until the present, and as was first organized by oil billionaire H.L. Hunt and J. Edgar

Hoover. Bowers became involved in the Utah Court crimes, as is now concluded, resulting

from his own long-term association with the H.L. Hunt family -- and evidently now to be seen

with their long-established network of corrupt/criminalized FBI agents. The Hunt/Hoover

criminalization of this network of FBI agents was made of court evidence in the 1999 Memphis

Trial for the M.L. King family by Dr. William Pepper, whose million dollar investigations

proved FBI agent offences in the King assassination-related offences. These derived from

the closest possible collaboration of Hunt and Hoover in organizing the MLK assassination --

and that was made clear to the satisfaction in 1999 of the Memphis jury who agreed. Jury

verdicts after due process of law are not "conspiracy theories. They represent, as when so

established, conspiracy facts.

Apparently, Bowers did not realize that the several agents calling him from diverse FBI offices

were corrupt and that all things stated by them were fabrications to assuage his fears for

having allied with and assisted the corrupt-FBI faction's organized crimes in Utah to defraud

Banner International assets though the Medley Court's receivership "charade" in

which Bowers is clearly evidenced and alleged as, knowingly a petty accomplice--- with a "payoff"

now made clear, and now alleged as having committed the best-evidenced and most

extensive and serious offences in the Utah judicial frauds in order to strip the assets of Banner

International. All this may be seen with the Criminal Complaints now filed against him:


and with above presently clickable pdf addition: "The Bombshell for the FBI"

Now clickable as on line: http://www.greatgoldgrab.com/The%20Bombshell%20for%20the%20FBI.pdf