From: jonathan daniels
To: Rep. Snow, V. L.,
Subject: SB 195 Emergency Powers - vote YES && HJR13 VOTE NO
Date: 2021-02-27T00:39:11Z


I am  a constituent from zip code 84003.  


I  appreciate the amendments made in SB195  and hope to see you vote YES.  I would strongly encourage further amendments to the bill:

  • As the health department is unelected and unaccountable they should not be able to declare emergencies but should be recommending and advising. We ask that the language be amended to restore these powers to the elected legislative branch.
  • All restrictions to religious gatherings should be removed. As our right to engage in religious gatherings are protected by our first amendment, and as no one is compelled to attend, there is no legitimate reason for the government to restrict this natural liberty.
  • References to "order of constraint," including "stay at home orders" be removed.  There is no situation that would require the government to have the power to force citizens to stay home or justify an order of constraint. In America freedom of association and assembly is protected by our supreme law and cannot legally be infringed.  People can choose for themselves how much they want to mitigate their own risks. They need to be educated on the risks and then decide for themselves. 
  • It allows the health department and legislature to declare a "stay at home order". This is very dangerous and needs to be removed. We would like an amendment to require the health department to make recommendations and the elected legislature to enact any orders or mandates where they can be considered with public & legislative oversight.


HJR13 VOTE NO  - I am a person of mixed biological, religious, and cultural background who has grown up in Utah my whole life. My wife and I share the same mixed biological background.  As do our children. We do not have a racism crisis in Utah! 

Please stop making people of color victims! 

Line 32 of the bill starts with the following:
"there is clear data that racism negatively impacts the lives of people of color in Utah and in the United States".  If the data are clear, please present the data points.  Each point can then be addressed.  That's the great thing about great data, each data point can be traced back to an individual or group of individuals and more importantly they can be addressed; as individuals.

Saying that every societal problem we cannot identify, is due to a nameless, faceless organization ,"racism", doesn't help anyone.  It simply reinforces people to take on a "victim" mindset; and then an expectation that "someone else" should fix "my" nameless faceless problem.

The way to stop racism isn't to assign blame or try and legislate it away. 

We have to actually work with people to help us all change.

Jon Daniels