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Subject: Read the article and the comment. It is light years ahead of our current reality..forced ignorance will end soon....FW: Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: The light of the gospel can bring true happiness
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Subject: Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: The light of the gospel can bring true happiness

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Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: The light of the gospel can bring true happiness

We are seekers of light, because we have the Savior's light within us. We need the light of the sun daily to live.

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What does the Mormon 'temperature' reading mean in new Pew survey?

The Mormon Moment didn't do much to change the attitude of Americans toward Latter-day Saints.

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Free tickets for Ogden LDS Temple open house available online Monday

People can begin to reserve free tickets to the Ogden Temple open house on Monday morning.

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Guest artist Fontana tells stories through song at Tabernacle Choir concert

The annual Pioneer Day Concert featured guest artist Santino Fontana, had its concluding performance tonight.

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A day in the life of Mormon missionaries in Woodstock, Virginia

After a successful experience trailing missionaries in Baltimore, I arranged a similar day in a different place.

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LDS leaders picture quiz: Can you name that general authority?

Can you name the general authority featured in each of the following pictures?

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