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To: Sen. Weiler, T.,
Subject: Before I was called to serve God, I was shown what instinct really is.
Date: 2014-03-10T04:53:33Z
My brother Todd and sister Bonnie Bair Peterson,
only you of all the senators replied. With God all things are possible, and with his will nothing can withstand his power. When God says to Satan jump, Satan always asks how high.
your brother,  Jonathan
When the chosen of God open their mouths, the battle against Satan will begin and we will prepare for the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


My first encounter with Instinct program. I almost died June 26, 2010, Dec. 13, 2010 I was called to serve.

      How hard is it to teach a person that already knows everything? Some people/things, you just can’t teach morality. It is all about me, that’s the natural man/woman. He is an enemy of God.  When man is unable to see the suffering of other people even caused by our own hands, this is bad.  If we are blinded to the suffering of others, this is bad.  So we are blinded. If you have knowledge of suffering as a moral creature you must try to relieve that suffering with action. Silence is choice and agreement, a deal with the devil.  This devise is operating your very consciousness at this time. As you read this Actually Instinct program is interfacing with physical/biological brain and related systems and oversees operations. Fast as beyond your comprehension presents its version of reality to your consciousness. Presenting physical reality filtered by program’s design. It knows all of it. Instinct program doesn’t burden life forms’ consciousness with details of or an action that is of high risk. It is a machine of immense knowledge and powers but as a device it has no spirit. It is a machine in function; it has to be this way or we would not have the freedom to make any choices at all. This machine is the only means to operate life forms new existence in our universe. We know which system was the best. It is the one in production. Giving (instinct program) it control and giving that spirit within that life/life form as many choices as possible but rules of self protection cut in when life form is threatened in some way. I am taught this by the Holy Spirit.
On my journey to here, before I was repentant, I was 2 seconds from death. A car was about to run a red light at high speed. I was on a motor cycle going 25 and out in the street crossing it. My perception was slightly darkening, a little reddish edge to vision. Time stopped I saw blocks representation of car moving forward in time as a future animation I saw a block with representation of me in it moving forward in time in blocks, as my block entered into the space of car blocks, time became normal and I was trying to lay down a 1000 lb bike. It would not lay down it hopped around 3 or 4 times on front wheel & back wheel and bounced perpendicular to the oncoming speeding car that was and should have killed me. As we neared impact time slowed again and the car had a wispy visual characteristics. I could have torn my fingernails off if I extended my hand inches. We were that close. I bounced again and I and my bike went on 15 ft. ride through the air to a screeching stop. Once bounce. I didn’t know it then but months later I knew what I had witnessed; a super computer taking over operations and directing me to actions that would protect my life from certain death. I saw computer driven graphical representation of projecting future reality with a non survivable collision of me and a 40 mph midsized auto. Not a scratch. This is my first proof of existence of Instinct A.I. God was talking to me ( but no voices). I should repent and follow the Lord Jesus and do what is right. In every choice, if you make a mistake quickly repent and don’t do it again. Or this machine will store your answers and make bad choices seem ok. We are his sheep. You know when you get off of the path and get lost. Can’t see your way back, it is hidden from the host.
Science is God’s love for us, now even giving us proof, for us to use, knowledge to help us to become more like our Lord Jesus Christ. This knowledge; that an artificial intelligence program is running operations on every human’s consciousness and being, and sometimes it makes immoral decisions for us. So we better stay on the path of righteousness, the moral path. Or we will get lost and can’t find our way back, except for the mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ who intervenes in our behalf. This knowledge is from our Lord Jesus Christ. I know where this truth came from.
I testify to this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,        by Elder Jonathan L. Peterson  

My brother Todd,
only you of all the senators replied. With God all things are possible, and with his will nothing can withstand his power. When God says to Satan jump, Satan always asks how high.
your brother,  Jonathan
When the chosen of God open their mouths, the battle against Satan will begin and we will prepare for the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
If you want to open your mouth even more than to protect your life;
this is the faith required to go against the full power of Satan? 
This is what the early Saints faced to be a Christian, real death and a terrible one.
Your life is not really in danger but Satan would have you believe that lie.
You could ask me for a Priesthood blessing with other priesthood holders or
you can use the science that God used to construct it. It is a program so this deprogramming tool will work.
Only tobacco smokers have tried it, for just 10 min. out loud and everyone went from 1 pack or more per day to 6-8 starting the very next day. I wrote the program under inspiration after fasting and prayer wanting to help others to
over come their compulsion to remain silent. I typed the words and knew they could help us.
(If you can’t act and want too. Record this message, then  loop playback 
for at least 2 hrs. per day for 1-2 weeks. (no one will try, Satan blocks its use.)


This near death accident happened one day after my dad's funeral. We had been apart for 9 years,
I was in the right, but being in the right is not always the best place to be. I repented and turned to God, God forgave my rebellious sins and I forgave others. Offering myself to God was the best choice of my life.
My mother and father brought so many to Christ through their testimonies and service.  I have a debt to God can never repay, that does not mean I shouldn't try.
your brother Jonathan

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James Monroe Peterson Obituary

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James Monroe Peterson, age 89, of Declo, died of natural causes at his home the morning of June 21, 2010.
He was born Sept. 25, 1920, in Elba, Idaho, to Carl Julius and Lou Stelle Barham Peterson. He graduated from Wendell High School in 1939, and the University of Idaho in 1950, with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.
He weeded onions with his sisters and brothers, worked on a railroad tie gang, and in his youth helped support his family during the Great Depression. Following high school, Mr. Peterson enlisted in the Coast Guard for six years and was a radioman and instructor during World War II. He gave more than 30 years civil service until he retired as chief of engineering in the construction division of the Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
He married his southern bell sweetheart, the late Norma Wray Johnson, on July 25, 1942, in Baltimore, Maryland. They later were sealed in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.
A faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he served as a bishop three times, actively supported the Boy Scouts of America, often shared his faith and love of the gospel, and always served wherever asked. He enjoyed carpentry, tennis, hunting, fishing, gardening, singing, the jitterbug, good stories, poetry, and chess. Most of all, he enjoyed relationships with family and friends.
He is survived by his baby sister, Ida May Bell; his brother-in-law, Frank C. “Red” Gilmore; his daughters, Julia Dawn and Bonnie Wray Bair (Russell); his sons, James Monroe Peterson Jr., Bryant Wendell Peterson (Ivy), Jonathan Larelle Peterson, and Erik Stefan Peterson (Anita); 22 grandchildren; ten great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandson.
Mr. Peterson was preceded in death by his wife, Norma Wray Johnson Peterson; his parents, Carl Julius and Lou Stelle Barham Peterson; siblings, Carl Oscar Peterson, Anna Laura Peterson King, Iva Lou Peterson Badger, Eva Lena Peterson Gilmore, and Julius Grant Peterson; and two grandsons, Michael James Peterson and Daniel Thomas Black
The funeral will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, June 25, at the Declo LDS Stake Center, 213 W. Main St., with Bishop Garth L. Searle officiating.  Burial will be in the Declo Cemetery with military rites provided by the Mini-Cassia Veterans Organization.
Friends may call from 6 until 8 p.m. Thursday at the Rasmussen Funeral Home, 1350 E. 16th St., in Burley, and from 9 until 9:45 a.m. Friday at the church.
The family suggests memorials be directed to the Boy Scouts of America in care of the Declo First Ward.